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On this page you can purchase an extra (or replacement) visor for your Schuberth helmet. Attention: these visors are only compatible with Schuberth helmets.


The differents types

Visors (outer)

  • Clear
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • HD Yellow
  • HD Orange
  • Light smoke tinted (40%)
  • Tinted (50%)
  • Dark smoke tinted (80%)
  • Blue mirror
  • Silver mirror
  • Iridium
  • Pinlock clear (only the Pinlock anti-fog lens insert, not a complete visor)

Sun visors (inner)

  • Clear
  • HD Yellow
  • Dark tinted
  • Iridium blue
  • Iridium silver

The High Definition (HD) visors by Schuberth provide improved contrast during heavy rain, mist or snow. Apart from this they also offer better concentration during poor weather conditions.

A percentage indicates how tinted a visor is, the higher the percentage – the darker the visor.

Mirror and Iridium visors give a mirroring effect, especially when exposed to the sun.

The use of mirror and tinted visors is at own risk. These visors are generally not certified for use on the public roads or for use at night.

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