Motorcycle airbag vests

A motorcycle airbag vest is possibly one of the most important inventions in the way of protection since the motorcycle helmet. This type of airbag for bikers is worn as a vest or even as a backpack in some cases. In the event of an accident the airbag will be activated and by blowing the bag full of air it will strongly protect the most important parts of the upper body. Motorcycle airbags are fairly expensive, but considering how much they can do for you in the event of an accident shows that they are definitely worth it. Check out our vast collection of motorcycle airbag vests and motorcycle airbag jackets, or head down to one of our stores for personal advice.

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Airbag vests for a safe motorcycle ride

Motorcycle airbags have been in development for many years now by different manufacturers, one of the first big brands to come out with one is Dainese. The motorbike airbag (or motorcycle airbag suit) has been compulsory now for riders at the MotoGP competitions, as the high level of added protection has clearly been proven. Airbag vests generally offer protection for the back, chest and neck. Most airbag vests for motorcyclists work with an electronic brain that constantly measures the rider’s position and movements. When a fall or collision has been detected by the brain, then the bag with immediately shoot full of air to protect the rider before he or she hits the ground.

The effectiveness of a motorcycle airbag is much higher than the standard level 1 or 2 protectors currently used in motorcycle clothing. The expectations are that we will be seeing a lot more motorcycle airbag systems in the (near) future, and that they might even become mandatory for street riding – just like motorcycle helmets.

Buying a motorcycle airbag vest from FortaMoto

Order your new airbag vest now from FortaMoto. Our online motorcycle clothing shop is very easy to navigate. You can use the filters on the left side of the website to easily find the product you’re looking for. As an official dealer of most big brands we can offer you all the service you would expect, for example in the case of warranty. Buy your airbag-vest via the website or head down to one of our stores to try them on in the flesh. We offer a 30-day returns policy, so there’s no need for rushing around.

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