Shoei NXR Recounter TC-10 description

‘The Essence of Riding’. Normally we don’t like these kind of ‘pay-offs’, however with the Shoei NXR we dare to get behind it. The NXR is best described as a very pure full face helmet. There’s no sun visor, so the helmet has a compact outer shell. Sporty design with a large field of view. Thanks to the extra room around the should you can turn your head more easily.

The Shoei NXR doesn’t have a sun visor, which many see as a disadvantage. The absence of a sun visor can have advantages! This has allowed Shoei to produce a very compact shell. The big advantage of a compact shell is a strong decrease in air pressure on the helmet. The pressure the air puts on the helmet is more exhausting to the muscles than the weight of the helmet. Tired neck muscles provide lower concentration, this makes for a more unsafe ride. At Shoei they call this preventive safety.

Thanks to the low weight and the strong aerodynamics of the helmet, the NXR falls in the category SPORT/tour. So with a strong emphasis on sport, but also very suitable for the sporty tour riders. Do not forget how important a compact shell is on, for example, a naked bike!

In a nutshell, this helmet really is about the essence of riding. You, your bike and your helmet – no nonsense! Take a look at the product specifications below for more details.

adjustable, you can tilt the position of the helmet up to 4 degrees on your head. This allows you to adjust the helmet to your liking. This is especially handy for a bumpy circuit, or if you’re switching from the circuit to sport touring on the public roads.

The Shoei X-Spirit II is a pure race helmet, but at the same time it’s more versatile than you would think. Take a look at the product specifications for more information.

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NXR properties

Outer shell

  • AIM multi composite fibre outer shell.
  • 4 size outer shell (XS+S / M / L / XL+XXL)
  • Integrated spoiler.


  • EPS inner shell in 7 sizes.
  • DD chin strap buckle.
  • EQRS easy to remove cheek pads in case of emergency.
  • ECE approved.


  • Multiple ventilation for maximum comfort.
  • Chin and forehead intake.
  • Four outlets on the rear to let out warm air.


  • 3D shaped inner lining.
  • Removable and washable inner lining.
  • Noise reducing earpads.


  • Thermoplastic aerodynamic shaped CWR-1 visor.
  • Minimal impact riding wind.
  • Minimal sight manipulation.
  • Pinlock anti fog lens included.

Shoei NXR specs

More Information
ColorRecounter TC-10
CategoryFull Face Helmets
Internal Sun VisorNo
HomologationECE (EU approved for motorcycle and scooter NOT DOT approved)
NoteIf a helmet is equipped with a visor, it concerns a clear visor, unless otherwise stated.

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