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Shoei X-Spirit-III De Angelis TC-1 description

High circuit stability. Imagine flying over the circuit. All braced up against the bike, you go round a bend and stick your head up from behind your windscreen. You stick your head up in the strong winds. These are the moments that the aerodynamic perfection of the Shoei X-Spirit III will pay off. Stability and vibration-free racing make the difference. Imagine how exhausting (and annoying) it is if somebody is constantly pulling on your head.

Amazing ventilation. A motorcycle race is and extreme performance. Extreme performances make you sweat. The second characteristic of the X-Spirit III: the fantastic ventilation carries off hot and moist air like no other. An extra high placed intake ensure that large amounts of air are blown through the helmet, even if you’re sitting in sports positions. The air flow doesn’t just cool, it also has a drying function so that you don’t get a wet lining halfway during a race. Even the cheek pads are equipped with ventilations slits.

Surprising: also for tour riders. Let us go on a little side-track: did you know the Shoei X-Spirit III is very beloved by European tour bikers, due to the excellent ventilation? Because these boys are often sat behind a large windscreen, there’s not much riding wind. On a hot summer day every breeze of cool air is more than welcome. You don’t have to be a type of Valentino, Marc or Jorge to wear this helmet.

6 fibre layers. Like every Shoei helmet, the X-Spirit III has an Advanced Integrated Matrix outer shell. In this case they have used 6 layers of different fibre for the outer shell, named AIM+. Every layer has its own function. The fibres are specially designed by Shoei, meaning AIM+ is homemade by Shoei.

Tilt ability. This premium race helmet’s interior deserves some special attention. Thanks to the fact that the inner lining is adjustable, you can tilt the position of the helmet up to 4 degrees on your head. This allows you to adjust the helmet to your liking. This is especially handy for a bumpy circuit, or if you’re switching from the circuit to sport touring on the public roads.

The Shoei X-Spirit II is a pure race helmet, but at the same time it’s more versatile than you would think. Take a look at the product specifications for more information.

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X-Spirit-III properties


  • Outer shell & safety
  • AIM+ 6-layer composite fibre outer shell.
  • Shock-resistant and very rigid.
  • Dual layer EPS inner shell with variable density.
  • 4 size outer shell (XS+S / M / L / XL+XXL)
  • Rear spoiler with swappable blades (curvy, straight circuit)\
  • DD chin strap buckle.
  • ECE approved.


  • High placed air intake for maximum intake
  • Air flows into the helmet in multiple places.
  • Ventilation slits in cheek pads.
  • 4 outlets at rear end.
  • Breath guard and chin flap.

Comfort & interior

  • Interior is fully removable and washable.
  • 3D shaped inner lining (‘wrap around the head’)
  • Cheek pads and centre pads adjustable in thickness.
  • Inner lining is adjustable: helmet can be tilted up to 4 degrees.
  • Max Dry lining carries off sweat and moist 2 times faster than traditional nylon.
  • EQRS release system: cheek pads removable in case of emergency.


  • Thermoplastic aerodynamic shaped CWR-F visor.
  • Clear anti scratch visor.
  • Minimal sight manipulation (warping).
  • Anti fog max vision Pinlock included.
  • Double locking mechanism to avoid unwanted opening.

Shoei X-Spirit-III specs

More Information
ColorDe Angelis TC-1
CategoryFull Face Helmets
Internal Sun VisorNo
HomologationECE (EU approved for motorcycle and scooter NOT DOT approved)
NoteIf a helmet is equipped with a visor, it concerns a clear visor, unless otherwise stated.

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