8 different moments somebody was glad they wore a helmet

Wearing a helmet is not always considered comfortable. A helmet can quite literally save your life though. These 9 photos prove it. In these situations the wearer of the helmet must have been very happy (and lucky) to be wearing a helmet.


1. Dainese helmet worn down all the way to the fibre


2. You never know what can be flying around the construction yard



3. Half of the outer shell has been whacked in


4. Looking pretty rough, still the visor hasn't broken - totally good stuff!

5. This bicycle helmet cracked in two during the impact



6. This helmet has taken quite a scrape over the asphalt


7. Luckily it's the helmet that's knackered, not your head


8. This helmet has totally done its job


In short, always wear your helmet! You never know what can happen. 


2020-10-30 15:09:56
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