Textile Motorcycle Trousers

Textile motorcycle trousers are extremely popular and they come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes and models. Knee and hip protectors ensure you are well protected with your textile motorcycle trousers in the event of a fall. Check out our wide range of textile trousers.

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Textile motorcycle trousers: for comfort and safety

Textile motorcycle trousers are very popular with all sorts of riders. The advantage of textile motorcycle trousers is they are often packed with lots of specifications that make riding more comfortable. They often have a removable thermo-lining and waterproof membrane, but they also come in special designs with bright colours to improve your visibility. Textile motorcycle trousers almost always have CE certified knee pads and the more expensive trousers also have hip protectors. Many people choose textile trousers due to their ease of use, these trousers are machine washable whereas leather trousers need to be specially treated.

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