Flip up helmets

This type of helmet offers the best of both worlds, a helmet you can wear as an open face helmet and a full face helmet: a flip up or ‘modular’ helmet. Flip up helmets look like full face helmets, with one significant difference. The chin bar may be pivoted upwards, backwards or even removed in some cases. The result is a kind of crossover ‘convertible’ between a full face and an open face helmet, a very convenient combination.

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Flip up helmet: a practical choice

The main advantage of purchasing a flip up helmet (also: 'modular' helmet or 'convertible' helmet) is obviously keeping your head safe and sound. Another perk for many people is the increase in airflow, due to the movable chin bar and the air intakes. Flip up helmets are mainly aimed at tour riders. The chin bar may be pivoted upwards, backwards or even removed in some cases, this makes it easier for the rider to easily eat and drink or have a conversation when not riding. Next to the fact that they offer much convenience, flip up helmets also often feature sun visors, suitability for wearers of glasses and preperation for Bluetooth communication systems.

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