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Scorpion flip up helmets for your safety and comfort

Scorpion has been around for quite some years now and they have quickly made a name for themselves in a country called ‘Motorcycle helmet land’. So quickly that the brand reached the top 5 of leading brands within a couple of years. The driving forces behind Scorpion are technology and quality. Scorpion uses a high tech factory, which has been referred to as ‘The Big Nest’. A total of 86000 square metres, where more than 600 employees work their hardest to make sure you have a proper helmet on your head.

Scorpion keeps everything in own hand, unlike many other brands. Nearly all of the steps within Scorpion’s production process, take place in this  ‘Nest of Scorpions’. This way Scorpion can ensure optimal quality of its helmets. The pressing of the outer shell, the sowing of the inner lining, the dust free paint spraying finish, mounting the parts and the packing of the motorcycle helmets for transport.

Features of Scorpion helmets

  • Protection
  • Appearance
  • Dynamic
  • Comfort
  • Innovation

Our online shop is user friendly and secure

Scorpion flip up helmets can be found with ease on our website. You can easily sort the helmets by price, color, brand and size with the convenient filter option on the left. The right size of the flip up helmet for your head is often difficult to determine, but on our website we have guidelines for that. There is a convenient size table on our site where your helmet size is easy to determine after measuring your head. So within minutes you will have a selection of flip up helmets which will fit your needs. Our online shop is 100% safe & secure to make sure you can order your helmet with complete confidence.

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