Scorpion Helmets

Scorpion helmets are innovative and effective. Scorpion stands for the new generation of helmets. Ground breaking technologies find their way into Scorpion’s helmets and you can feel this when you wear a Scorpion helmet on your head. All Scorpion helmets also have an ECE 22.05 or 22.06 certification for use on the European roads.

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Scorpion helmets: high tech helmets

Scorpion has been around for quite some years now and they have quickly made a name for themselves in a country called ‘Motorcycle helmet land’. So quickly that the brand reached the top 5 of leading brands within a couple of years. The driving forces behind Scorpion are technology and quality. Scorpion uses a high tech factory, which has been referred to as ‘The Big Nest’. A total of 86000 square metres, where more than 600 employees work their hardest to make sure you have a proper helmet on your head.

Scorpion keeps everything in own hand, unlike many other brands. Nearly all of the steps within Scorpion’s production process, take place in this  ‘Nest of Scorpions’. This way Scorpion can ensure optimal quality of its helmets. The pressing of the outer shell, the sowing of the inner lining, the dust free paint spraying finish, mounting the parts and the packing of the motorcycle helmets for transport.

Features of Scorpion helmets

  • Protection
  • Appearance
  • Dynamic
  • Comfort
  • Innovation

A Scorpion helmet is worn with pride

Scorpion has set a goal to create the safest helmet in the world. Scorpion’s designers are very wanted and well protected within the Nest. The wild and innovative graphic designs are popular all over the world, from Europe to South California. Scorpion always ensures they’re two steps ahead of the competitors. So wear your Scorpion helmet with pride!

Large choice of Scorpion helmets in our web shop has taken Scorpion, among other brands, under her wing. Of course we’re proud of this! You can order your Scorpion helmet from our web shop with confidence. Every Scorpion helmet has a guarantee of 3 years and we offer service with a capital ‘S’. We offer our Scorpion helmets for a fair price.

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