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What is a Pinlock visor

What is a Pinlock visor?

One of the most annoying things while riding your motorcycle: a fogged up visor. Thanks to the Pinlock anti-fog system, this is a thing of the past.

About pinlock visors

Different types of helmets

Different types of helmets

In motorcycle and scooter helmets there are a lot of different kinds of models and types of helmets. We explain to you the differences.

Types of helmets explained

Shoei Personal Fitting System

Shoei Personal Fitting

Would you also like to ride with a customised Shoei motorcycle helmet? If you purchase your Shoei helmet at FortaMoto you will receive a 50% discount on the Shoei Personal Fitting System.

About Shoei Personal Fitting

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Measuring and determining your size

Problems with measuring and determining your helmet and motorcycle clothing size? We explain how to measure your head and body sizes for helmets and motorcycle clothing.

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Looking to buy new motorcycle gear? Then you’re in the right place with FortaMoto! Our online shop is easy to navigate and you will quickly find the right gear for your riding style.

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