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We have the right motorcycle gear and helmet for every type of rider. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a full face helmet or a flip up helmet, at FortaMoto you will find them all in our vast collection. Motorcycle helmets are important for the protection of the rider, but they also offer other advantages such as comfort and convenience. A good helmet will have an aerodynamic shape, this keeps the helmet stable at high speeds and prevents the wind from yanking at your head while riding.

Not a single motorcycle helmet will feel the same, every helmet has its own fit and shape. A Shoei racing helmet will have a much more oval shape than a Nolan touring helmet. Are you not sure which helmet will be good for your head? Then check out our FortaMoto YouTube channel or visit our store in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Motorcycle gear from FortaMoto will help you on your way

Riding motorcycles is great hobby, but it also makes us more vulnerable than other road users. For that reason we recommend dressing for the fall and not for the ride. Motorcycle clothing isn’t mandatory in all places, but it is advisable to wear it. A good wear-resistant motorcycle jacket and pants will make a big different if you happen to come off the bike. We offer a large collection of wear-resistant (protective) motorcycle clothing in our online web shop for motorcycle helmets and motorcycle gear. But if you don’t want to shop online for your new motorcycle clothing, then you can always visit our store in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We even have a large motorcycle clothing outlet here with extra discounted products.

Motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes are also a very important part of your total outfit. Good sturdy motorcycle boots offer protection for your ankles, shins and they offer general reinforcements around your leg. Motorcycle shoes typically have the look and feel of casual sneakers, but they offer much more protection and in some cases they are even waterproof.

In case of an accident, the first thing you would naturally do is put your hands first to break the fall. That’s just one of the reasons why protective motorcycle gloves are so very important. A good pair of motorcycle gloves are made from wear-resistant materials such as leather, aramid and textile. A sturdy knuckle-protector is also of utmost importance. We sell many different types of motorcycle gloves, for summer, winter and everything in between.

The advantages of buying your motorcycle gear from FortaMoto

You can get your new motorcycle helmet and outfit for the best price at FortaMoto.com! Did you order a helmet and find out that the colour doesn’t match your bike? Or are your new Rev’it! motorcycle jeans too tight? Not a fan of your new biker boot? No problem! We offer a 30 day return period, so you will have enough time to try on your new gear at home. Not sure which product to order? Give us a call or send us an e-mail, our customer service team will advise you and help you make the right choice. What are you waiting for? Order your new motorcycle gear now!

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