Schuberth helmets

By using the newest technologies, a Schuberth helmet is acclaimed worldwide and is known as the quietest helmet of its kind. For many years Schuberth use a perfect balance between safety and comfort. It’s for a good reason a brand like BMW outsourced the producing of their motorcycle helmets to Schuberth.

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Schuberth Collection

Schuberth helmets from Germany

Schuberth GmbH is a German company that produces protective helmets for different markets. In addition to motorcycle helmets, they also produce head protection for use in Formula 1 and helmets which are used in this industry. The company was founded in 1922 and it has 300 employees that produce 1.5 million Schuberth helmets every year with the utmost care. Schuberth helmets are sold in 55 countries worldwide. One of the priorities of Schuberth has always been to provide helmets of the highest possible quality. This has resulted in a range of motorcycle helmets which are at the absolute top of the premium segment and that excel in comfort, stability and security. Besides the high quality, low noise inside the helmet is one of the most important and famous properties of Schuberth helmets. The most important properties of Schuberth flip up helmets and Schuberth open face helmets are:

  • Very aerodynamic
  • Compact design
  • Very low noise
  • Cutting edge safety

A Schuberth helmet is quiet and comfortable

One of the reasons the German manufacturer succeeds in producing such an extremely quiet helmet is because it relies on its own wind and acoustic test tunnels. Schuberth’s own Research & Development Department tests new and existing models extensively and modifies them if necessary. You can see this in small details on the helmet, like the brim with fins on top of the visor, which provides an even more optimal airflow over the helmet shell. The expertise of Schuberth evidenced by the famous drivers the company has gathered around it. In Formula 1 Schuberth is worn by drivers like Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg and is the official partner of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team. Michael Schumacher is affiliated as an advisor to the company and actively participates in the development of motorcycle helmets. Needless to say, the experience of the seven-times world champion makes an important contribution.

Advantages of a Schuberth helmet

Most of our customers who first purchase a Schuberth helmet are sold almost immediately. The comfort and low noise levels are an ease of mind and open a whole new world for the rider. A Schuberth is worn a lot by commuters. A very useful accessory is the Schuberth SRC System. This wireless Bluetooth kit can be fully integrated in the helmet, where the control panel is a part of the neck lining. This allows for easy hands-free calls, listening to GPS instructions or music through the built-in helmet speakers. A special service that certainly deserves to be mentioned is the Schuberth Mobility Program. This free warranty program offers owners of a Schuberth helmet the opportunity to purchase a brand new Schuberth helmet after an accident for only one third of the retail price. The Schuberth Mobility Program is available exclusively through Schuberth dealers. is an authorized dealer of Schubert helmets.

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