Waterproof Motorcycle Jackets

If you often find yourself riding through the rain then a waterproof motorcycle jacket is essential. These jackets are available in many different shapes and sizes, every jacket has different perks and options. To ride your motorcycle comfortably it’s very important to stay warm and dry, that’s why we offer a vast selection of waterproof motorcycle jackets.

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Waterproof motorcycle jackets: keep you warm and dry

Waterproof motorcycle jackets are better than ever these days. In the past you would get wet sometimes during a brief shower, which is now more or less a thing of the past. Of course there is a difference between the water resistance of a €99,- jacket and a €199,- jacket. The waterproof entry models usually don’t have the option to remove the waterproof membrane, this can sometimes make the jacket stuff and isolating. A step up in price often offers you a removable waterproof membrane and a removable thermo-lining, this way your jacket is adaptable to both warm and cold weather conditions.

Tour jackets often have a pouch on the rear of the jacket to put the waterproof membrane in, this way you will always have the waterproof membrane with you and you can easily insert it into the jacket when it starts to rain. The most advanced waterproof motorcycle jackets contain the Gore-Tex membrane. Gore-Tex is usually non-detachable but thanks to its ability to breathe, you’ll hardly notice that the membrane is still in the jacket when it gets warm.

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