Shoei Personal Fitting System

Every head has a different shape, and that’s why the Shoei Personal Fitting System (PFS) is more than welcome in the motorcycle helmet world. As an official Shoei Personal Fitting System dealer we have been provided with tools and expertise to measure and adjust the centre pad of Shoei motorcycle helmets for our customers. So, how does this work?

This is how customizing your Shoei helmet works

When customizing your Shoei helmet, we follow the following steps.

  1. We make accurate measurements. We measure the length, width, height and circumference of the head. It is customary to use only the circumference to determine the size, this would be ideal for flexible head protection – but it doesn’t always work for a fixed shape. With Personal Fitting we go much further than just the circumference, as the shape is much more important than the theoretical size.
  2. The measurements are entered into Shoei’s PFS computer system, which will then advise the size and any possible adjustments.
  3. One of our Personal Fitting experts will temporarily place the adjustments behind the centre pad of the helmet. The customer will be asked to try the helmet on and make a number of movements while the helmet is firmly held. Our Personal Fitting expert will determine if the adjustments have indeed improved the positioning of the helmet. This process is repeated until the desired result is met.
  4. When the definitive fit has been achieved, the parts will be stuck together and then adhered on the outside of the centre pad.

The advantage of this type of adjustment is that the inner lining is still removable and washable, the new parts will not come loose when this is done. The adjustments cannot easily be removed, and for that reason it is important that the customer and our Personal Fitting expert both agree on the adjustment.

Exploded view Shoei Personal Fitting

Advantages of a custom made Shoei helmet

The shape and comfort of the helmet will be vastly improved, in many cases also removing hotspots and pressure points. Empty spaces between your head and the helmet will be filled with padding, this improves the positioning and balance of the helmet – offering the helmet more support where necessary. The improved fit will ensure that the helmet cannot lift as easily at high speed and with rough riding wind.

The sound isolating of the helmet is often also improved, this is thanks to the tailored fit around the head and face.

Creating the ultimate fit

We made a video to give you an idea of how the Shoei Personal Fitting System process works. In this video we adjust and improve the fit of Neal’s Shoei J.O. helmet.

Cost of Shoei Personal Fitting

If you purchase your Shoei helmet at FortaMoto you will receive a 50% discount on the Shoei Personal Fitting System (RRP €60), so you will only have to pay €30 for the perfect fit.

Customising the inner lining of your helmet only includes the centre pad of the helmet, we do not alter the helmet shell or change the cheek pads. Shoei’s cheek pads are available in different sizes (31 mm, 35 mm, 39 mm, 43 mm) and they cost €59,95 per set, these are only available by special order.

Schedule an appointment

Would you also like to ride with a customised Shoei motorcycle helmet? Well, you can! We are currently one of the few dealers in the world that can adjust any Shoei helmet – old or new – as long as it has a removable centre pad and the helmet/lining are both in good condition.

Shoei Personal Fitting can be applied in our Store in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Please contact us via [email protected] or +31 20 214 9680 to make an appointment or gather more information.

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