Shoei helmets

The Japanese premium helmet brand Shoei was founded in 1958, originally aimed exclusively at the racing world. Soon the high quality finish and the level of safety became world famous. Nowadays the brand has over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing motorcycle helmets, and Shoei helmets are considered as the safest and most qualitative motorcycle helmets on the market.

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Shoei Neotec 2 vs Schuberth C4

Special features of Shoei helmets

The level of finish of a Shoei is extraordinarily high, and you can immediately feel this when you take hold of a Shoei helmet. Every Shoei helmet is 100% handmade by Shoei. With the Shoei Personal Fitting System you'll get the perfect fit. You will find many special features and nifty applications.

  • AIM – an outer shell consisting of many different fibre materials. Every fibre has its own function in the whole. Light, strong and elastic enough to spread out the power of an impact over the shell.
  • Compact design – more important than weight are the size and aerodynamics of a helmet. A compact shell with good aerodynamics make for a lower air resistance, resulting in less pressure on the neck muscles.
  • Visor – thermoplastic shaped visor, this offers a more detailed finish and better aerodynamics.
  • Sun visor – same viewing qualities as a good pair of sunglasses, designed in such a way that no inner shell is sacrificed to house to the sun visor.
  • Ratchet buckle – unlike most brands, Shoei has used an RVS metal ratchet quick lock buckle – much safer.
  • 3D lining – inner lining 3D shaped for a perfect fit.
  • Wind tunnel tested – a robot wearing a Shoei helmet tests hundreds of riding simulations in a wind tunnel, for optimal aerodynamics.
  • Hand & homemade – all helmets, and pretty much all materials, are made by Shoei in house.

SSC – Safety Concept Shoei helmets

Every Shoei helmet is designed from the safety philosophy that Shoei has. Everything is about protecting the head in the best possible way. A special AIM outer shell in combination with a dual layer EPS inner shell (in different densities) protect the head during an impact. This is what they call passive safety.

Apart from passive safety, Shoei also spends a lot of attention on preventive (or active) safety. The philosophy behind is that, the less things that can distract a motorcyclist, the smaller the chance of an accident. Think of, for example, excellent ventilation, stability through aerodynamics, minimal warp thanks to specially shaped visors and maximal comfort within the helmet. You can imagine that when this is all under control, you can focus on the essence: riding.

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