Shark Helmets

Shark Helmets, a company based in France, has existed since 1986 and was founded by several former professional motorcycle racers. Their passion for racing reflects in the complete range of Shark helmets which excel in design, performance and safety. Shark Helmets is located in Marseille, where a team of 600 employees participate in the development, production and sales of 350,000 Shark helmets per year. Shark helmets are sold using a network of 5,000 dealers worldwide.

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Shark helmets features

  • Optimal shock absorption
  • Very aerodynamic
  • Removable and washable inner lining
  • Integrated air intakes and outtakes
  • Progressive designs

Since its inception, Shark has sponsored many motorcycle racers. More than 200 top riders such as Randy de Puniet, Troy Corser and Scott Reading are still contributing to the design and development of high quality helmets. This has made Shark one of the most popular helmet brands in Europe for years.

A Shark helmet: innovation in safety

Shark pays a lot of attention to security, development and innovation. SHARP, a British independent program which tests the safety of motorcycle helmets, has awarded each Shark helmet with at least 4 stars, with 5 being the highest possible score. Shark has a research and development centre and has access to its own wind tunnel. This results in good performance in terms of aerodynamics, stability and ventilation. Innovation is of paramount importance in the development of a Shark helmet. Quite often new models are introduced, which are remarkable in both design and construction. This way, Shark retains its status as one of the leaders in the field of motorcycle and scooter helmets.

Great choice of Shark helmets in our online shop

We are connected to the Shark service network. Besides a good price, you will also receive the excellent service you would expect from an authorized dealer after purchasing your Shark helmet. All Shark helmets in our online shop have a 5 year warranty. Since 2013 Shark has used a new subdivision in their range of helmets: the SHARK Racing Division, SHARK Pulse Division, SHARK Discovery Division and the SHARK Metro Division.

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