Shark Spartan (Carbon) 1.2 Full Face Helmets

The Shark Spartan (Carbon) 1.2 is the successor to the original Spartan from 2016, and it has received a fresh upgrade. The improved version of this sporty full face helmet unites a brilliant design, safety, technology and a high level of comfort.

Weighing around 1390 grams (+/- 50 grams) this helmet is very light for his kind, but despite the low weight this helmet doesn’t make sacrifices when it comes to protection. The material that the outer shell has been made from is a strong mix of carbon fibres and fibreglass, the shell comes in two different sizes – keeping the helmet as compact as possible. The carbon version of this helmet comes with a free dark smoke visor!

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Shark Spartan (Carbon) 1.2 Full Face Helmets
  • Carbon fibre and fibreglass shell
  • Free Pinlock anti-fog insert provided in the box
  • Sharktooth Bluetooth system prepared

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The removable and washable interior of the Spartan 1.2 has changed a lot. A new design and antibacterial materials have resulted in a well-isolating and comfortable fit. Ventilation openings on the chin and top of the helmet in combination with the dual spoiler on the back ensure a pleasant airflow within the helmet. The spoilers also improve the aerodynamics of the helmet.

The visor has been equipped with Shark’s Auto-seal system so that it seals off against the helmet against moisture and sound. The integrated sun visor will protect you from the sun.

Shark Spartan (Carbon) 1.2 Specifications:

Outer shell:

  • Combination of fibreglass and carbon fibres
  • Two outer shell sizes
  • 1390 grams (+/- 50 grams)
  • Dual spoiler


  • Double-D chin strap
  • ECE 22.05 approved


  • Removable and washable interior
  • Antibacterial interior
  • Multiple in and outlets for maximum airflow
  • Prepared for communication systems
  • Shark Easy Fit for wearers of glasses


  • Clear, removable anti-scratch visor
  • Auto-seal system isolates against sound and moisture
  • Max Vision Pinlock anti-fog lens included
  • Integrated sun visor
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