Dainese Clothing

Most motorcyclists have had plenty of time by now to get to know the motorcycle gear manufacturer Dainese, seen as they were founded in 1972! The brand Dainese was founded in Italy by Lino Dainese. Lino was already working on protective motorcycle gear before he started the company, at that time he was only 20 years old! The motorcycle clothing made by Dainese has always been featured in the MotoGP world since the very beginning.

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Technologies used in Dainese motorcycle clothing

The different brands and techniques used by Dainese make her products what they are. Dainese make very innovative motorcycle clothing of high quality. The following advanced technologies are used in the making of a lot of motorcycle gear by the famous brand.

Cordura® - this company is renowned for their wear-resistant textiles and cutting edge fabrics

Armacor - a fabric that is engineered with GORE-TEX® and Kevlar®, this makes the fabric wear-resistant and lightweight

Trixior – very advanced material made by Dainese herself, very strong and flexible at the same time

700 FILL POWER GOOSE DOWN – thickness, amount and density of goose down

TIZIP® - the TIZIP® MasterSeal is a very strong zipper, also waterproof

3M SCOTCHLITE – this flexible material consists of micro glass beads, these beads have a reflecting function and offer greater visibility in the dark

Dainese motorcycle clothing dealer

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