HJC Flip Up Helmets

Looking for a HJC Flip Up Helmet? Annually HJC Helmets produces nearly 2 million helmets, spread out over four manufacturing facilities in the world. Its Korean headquarters, located in "Helmet Valley," manufactures everything from the helmet outer shell to the visor. Besides Korea, HJC has privately owned factories in China and Vietnam. The title ‘#1 in the world’ is taken very seriously by HJC and they are working hard to keep that title.

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HJC flip up helmets for your safety

A significant portion of HJC's profits are invested in HJC’s research & development centre. At this R&D centre 50 engineers work daily to improve and innovate helmet models. This way, HJC helmets are becoming safer and more comfortable. Their funding in R&D also results in new models. In 2007 HJC built its own highly advanced wind tunnel. Special techniques are used to research optimal stability, ventilation, vibration, wind noise and air resistance of their helmets. In short, HJC gives you a technically advanced helmet at a competitive price. It is not without reason that demanding riders like Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies linked their names to HJC helmets. We also have HJC open face helmets and HJC full face helmets in our collection of motorcycle helmets.

Buying a HJC helmet

Fortamoto.com is an authorized dealer of HJC. We offer you the level of service you would expect from a brand dealer and you can use our online shop to order your HJC helmet with confidence. If you need help ordering online at Fortamoto.com, you can always use our contact form to get in touch. If the helmet does not fit after receiving it or you don't like it, you are not obliged to keep the helmet and you are able to return it.

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