AGV motorcycle helmet collection 2018

The complete AGV 2018 motorcycle helmet collection. We made a live report at the EICMA motorcycle convention in Milan, where all new helmets are presented. The AGV Sport Modular and the AGV Legends collection (X3000 and X70) are both new and exciting items this year. We also take you through the rest of the AGV helmets 2018 collection.

AGV 2018 motorcycle helmet collection video


AGV Sport Modular

The lightest flip up helmet in the world, made from 100% Carbon. The AGV Sport Modular combines the unique race DNA from AGV with the comfort of a flip up helmet. In the smallest shell size this helmet weighs only 1295 grams!

AGV Legends collection

New vintage line by AGV, consisting of the AGV X3000 (full face helmet) and the AGV X70 (open face helmet) with some replicas from racing legends Giacomo Agostini and Renzo Pasolini.

AGV Pista GP R

The most hardcore racing helmet in AGV?s collection. Valentino Rossi is one of the riders to use this helmet.

AGV Corsa R

The full face racing helmet from AGV which offers a little bit more functionality for street use, in comparison with the Pista GP R. However it remains a very sport helmet.

AGV Veloce S

A full face helmet which leans even more to the street use, but still keeps sporty features such as a fibreglass outer shell, extensive ventilation and a large field of view.


The sport/tour full face helmet by AGV, with integrated sun visor. The outer shell is made from a Carbon/fibreglass mix.


The entry level full face helmet from AGV, with a thermoplast outer shell. Equipped with a sun visor and a Pinlock anti-fog lens.

Compact ST

The affordable flip up helmet from AGV. The Compact ST has a thermoplast outer shell, comes with an integrated sun visor and a Pinlock anti-fog lens in the box.

AGV AX-8 (Naked/Dual)

This is the adventure orientated full face helmet from AGV. Available in the naked version without a peak and the dual version with removable peak. Both types have a carbon variant.

AGV K-5 Jet

Very luxurious open face helmet, including a long visor, integrated sun visor and a fibre mix outer shell.

AGV Fluid

Open face helmet which is ideal for city use or for motor scooters.

AGV motorcycle helmets

This pretty much sums up the AGV 2018 helmet collection. Thanks for watching! Did you find this video informative and fun? Then don’t forget to click on the thumbs up button and the subscribe button!

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