Making the ultimate cafe racer: Building the Brute 1 - introducing the bikes

All episodes of Building the Brute can be watched here.

How cool is it to build a motorcycle that looks exactly like the one in your dreams?

We accepted the challenge together with the custom builders from Wrench Kings. A Yamaha TR1 from 1981 was completely transformed into the café-racer of my dreams. This motorcycle will be used in the video reviews on the FortaMoto YouTube channel. But how does such a dream begin, or better than that – how does such a motorcycle get built?

A 9-part series has been made about this whole process, it’s called ‘Building the Brute’. It is with great pride that I would like to present you with the first episode, where we meet the bike, the builders and myself: Laurens from FortaMoto.

Stay tuned! The next episode will show you how the design took shape.

2020-10-30 15:12:43
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