Making the ultimate cafe racer: Building the Brute 2 - The Design

All episodes of Building the Brute can be watched here.

How cool is it to build a motorcycle that looks exactly like the one in your dreams?

We accepted the challenge together with the custom builders from Wrench Kings. A Yamaha TR1 from 1981 was completely transformed into the caf?-racer of my dreams. This motorcycle will be used in the video reviews on the FortaMoto YouTube channel. But how does such a dream begin, or better than that ? how does such a motorcycle get built?

A 9-part series has been made about this whole process, it?s called ?Building the Brute?. In the second episode we see how the design takes shape. Neal and Laurens show Joost from Wrench Kings what they love about caf?-racers. Of course, the classic Benelli tank plays a prominent role in this 'love'.

Stay tuned! The next episode will show you how the bikes get stripped.

2020-10-30 15:13:04
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