Caberg motorcycle helmet collection 2018

A complete overview of the Caberg 2018 helmet collection. We made a live report at the EICMA motorcycle convention in Milan. In this video we take you through Caberg?s stand at the convention. Important new items are the Caberg Levante (flip up helmet) and the Caberg Drift Evo Carbon (sporty full face helmet).

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Caberg 2018 motorcycle helmet collection video


Caberg Levante

The new Caberg Levante is going head to head with big brands such as Nolan and Schuberth. This flip up helmet has a fibreglass outer shell. This in combination with the large visor, the excellent ventilation and the high wearing comfort makes this Levante very well suited for long distance riders.

Caberg Drift Evo Carbon

The Caberg Drift Evo Carbon is a new full face helmet with a unique crossover between sport and comfort. The carbon outer shell, double-D retention system and the large spoilers give away its sporty character. But the helmet is also surprisingly comfortable, partly thanks to its integrated sun visor, removable interior and the included Pinlock anti-fog lens.

Caberg Ghost

The open face helmet for every motorcyclist looking for a unique helmet with a cool design. The Ghost looks like the Shark Raw/Drak, but has a better functioning visor mechanism.

Caberg Freeride

The Caberg Freeride is the no-nonsense open face helmet from Caberg. A fibreglass outer shell makes the helmet compact and strong. Fits perfectly on a Harley or a caf? racer.

Caberg Xtrace

The Xtrace is the full face adventure helmet from Caberg. Comes with a peak and an extra-large visor.

Caberg Drift

The Drift is a full face helmet from Caberg which is more aimed at daily street use. The outer shell is made from fibreglass, this makes the helmet strong and lightweight.

Caberg Jackal

The Jackal may be the most affordable full face helmet from Caberg, but it?s far from boring. A cool design with sharp lines gives this helmet a unique appearance.

Caberg Modus Easy

The Caberg Modus is the second most luxurious flip up helmet, the new Levante being number 1. Ideal for motorcyclists who ride a lot for longer periods of time, and for that reason find comfort very important.

Caberg Tourmax

The Tourmax is the flip up adventure helmet in the 2018 Caberg collection. It?s comparable to the X-trace, but equipped with a movable chin bar.

Caberg Droid

The Caberg Droid is very special thanks to its futuristic design. But the removable interior, internal sun visor and Pinlock anti-fog lens make this helmet surprisingly comfortable.

Caberg Duke II

Last but not least, the Caberg Duke II. This is the most affordable flip up helmet in the 2018 collection from Caberg. Of course the helmet is equipped with an internal sun visor and a Pinlock anti-fog lens.

Caberg motorcycle helmets

This pretty much sums up the Caberg 2018 clothing collection. Thanks for watching! Did you find this video informative and fun? Then don’t forget to click on the thumbs up button and the subscribe button!

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