Caberg Droid Unboxing

This new modular motorcycle helmet, by the Italian manufacturer Caberg, combines a striking design with a lot of wearing comfort. The air inlets on the chin bar are very distinctive, they look like turbine ventilation propellers. Let?s take a look!

Caberg Droid specifications

To start with the specifications of the Caberg Droid. The outer shell is made from polycarbonate, but the weight has still been been kept down to a minimum. The helmet weighs around 1550 grams, depending on the outer shell size.

The helmet features a mechanism which can be used to lock the chin bar into place, this can be used when the chin bar is open to stop it from suddenly falling down. The helmet has a P/J certification, approving the helmet for open use.

The Droid is also equipped with an integrated sun visor, and is comes with a Pinlock anti-fog lens in the box. Caberg have saved some space on the inside of the helmet for wearers of glasses. This flip up helmet is prepared for a Bluetooth communication system and the helmet can easily be secured by using the quick lock retention system.

The interior is removable and easy to wash. And they have also reinforced the chin curtain, so that it doesn?t come out when you pull the chin bar down by the chin piece.

Striking design

The versatile specifications are not the only striking features of the Caberg Droid. The chin bar presents a completely new ventilation system in the shape of two round propellors. These ventilations intakes can be turned to open and close them. The top of the helmet features another ventilation channel, this one can be opened with a button on top.

Apart from the ventilation, we can see a very sharp and edgy design. The aggressive lines give this helmet a look we have never seen before on a flip up helmet.

User experience

The special thing about the Caberg Droid is that it combines an extreme appearance with high wearing comfort and ease of use. During the development of this helmet, Caberg have really kept long distance riders (and people who ride every day) in mind. As we mentioned before in the specifications above, the helmet has been provided with all the things you might need to make your ride comfortable. The helmet comes with a Pinlock anti-fog lens, to prevent your visor from fogging up. The preparation for wearers of glasses is also very nifty, this way you can easily put on your glasses without them going in all slanted. The sun visor also provides you with extra comfort, it can be operated by using the slider on the top of the helmet to bring the sun visor down for when it gets too bright.

Last but not least: the low weight of the helmet provides you with extra comfort. The fact that it is not as heavy as some other helmets takes a lot of strain off your neck while riding. Especially riders that ride longer distances will benefit from a light helmet, it is extra comfortable.

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Caberg Droid availability and colours

The Caberg Droid is available in a number of different colours.

Order the Caberg Droid here, or come over to our store in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

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