HJC motorcycle helmet collection 2018

HJC 2018 motorcycle helmet collection video


RPHA 90 flip up helmet

The completely redesigned HJC RPHA 90 is the ultimate flip up helmet from HJC. They have used the same outer shell as with the RPHA 11 and the RPHA 70, which is made from a mix of carbon, fibreglass and Kevlar. The helmet has a very comfortable fit, good ventilation, a very large visor and it has been made as low noise as possible.

RPHA 11 full face racing helmet

The HJC RPHA 11 is the racing helmet in HJC?s collection. A very compact outer shell made from a fibre mix. The HJC RPHA 11 comes with a free dark outer visor, ideal for on the race track.

RPHA 70 full face touring helmet

The RPHA 70 is the tour-orientated version of the RPHA 11. This helmet comes with an integrated sun visor and a more comfortable fit.

HJC Marvel series

  • Iron Man – RPHA 70
  • Black Panther – RPHA 70
  • Ghost Rider – FG-ST
  • Deadpool – IS-17

HJC Star Wars series

  • Boba Fett – RPHA 11
  • Kylo Ren – RPHA 11
  • X-Wing – FG-70’s
  • Poe Dameron – FG-70’s

HJC Disney (Cars) series

  • Lightning McQueen – RPHA 11
  • Jackson Storm – RPHA 11 Carbon

HJC FG-70s

Fibreglass open face helmet with integrated sun visor. Perfect for a custom bike, Harley or a cafe racer.


Comfortable open face helmet made from a fibreglass outer shell. Comes with a Pinlock anti-fog lens and an integrated sun visor.


Very comfortable and complete full face helmet from HJC. Made from polycarbonate and including an internal sun visor and a Pinlock anti-fog lens. Last year it was the test winner for full face helmets around 200 euros.


The HJC FG-ST is comparable to the IS-17, but it has a fibreglass outer shell which is lighter and stronger.


One of the most popular helmets by HJC is the IS MAX-II. A very comfortable flip up helmet which is affordable and comes with everything you need.

HJC helmets

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