New Schuberth C4 flip up helmet available at

The already legendary Schuberth C4 flip up helmet was released in the spring of 2017 and it is available to buy from Read everything you need to know about the new Schuberth C4 motorcycle helmet.

Schuberth C4 flip up helmet

The new Schuberth C4 is the newest flagship helmet in the modular line from Schuberth. It is the successor to the successful C3 Pro, and we?re glad to tell you that the C4 features some very fine improvements. Let?s get you up to speed.

A more compact helmet shell: the C4 is smaller than its predecessor and it has a more compact shell made out of fibreglass. This makes the helmet light (1470 gram) and strong.

Larger visor: the visor hasn?t only grown vertically, it has also been made much wider. Your sightlines are greatly improved with this new visor. Schuberth have moved away from Pinlock, so there is no Pinlock visor in this helmet. Instead, Schuberth have come up with their own anti-fog lens, which covers almost the entire helmet visor. The large advantage of this is that you won?t be staring at the Pinlock?s edge while riding a sporty bike. And thanks to Schuberth you won?t have to fit the anti-fog lens, as they have already installed it in the factory.

New communication system: one of the most important improvements of the C4 is the preparation for Sena?s SC1 communication system. In other words: the microphone, speakers and the antenna are already built in ? without being visible. For example, the microphone is very cleverly hidden in the top of the helmet on the visor edge, without it being visible. To use the communication system you first need to purchase and install a small Sena cassette (SC1) and a battery. These are simpy clicked into place on the underside of the helmet, and that?s it ? you?re ready to go.

Improved aerodynamicsSchuberth have put a lot of effort into optimising the aerodynamics of the C4, like they always do. This makes the helmet comfortable to wear, even at high speed. Next to this, the Schuberth C4 is the quietest flip up helmet on the market, partly thanks to the fact that the helmet is developed in Schuberth?s Air & Acoustics lab. Ideal for riders looking for a helmet which is suitable for intensive use.

More ventilation: the ventilation channels have also been improved. The rider will receive more fresh air while riding, and operating the ventilation buttons and sliders is now easier than ever.

Order your new Schuberth C4 here.

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