5 tips to stay cool on your motorcycle

It?s 30 degrees Celsius outside, but on your bike it feels like it?s 50! It?s starting to feel more and more like an afternoon at your local sauna. Staying cool on your bike feels nearly impossible. We do have a few tips that may help you.

Vented motorcycle suit

The first tip for staying cool might be the one that will make the most difference. There is such a thing as ?vented motorcycle clothing?. This is protective motorcycle clothing which ensures that the cool riding wind goes right through your suit. These suits are available in jacket and trouser variants. The front and back of the suit is fitted with special mesh so that your body can be cooled with riding wind. There are also boots and gloves which have been made extra ventilating.

Cooling vest

A cooling vest is a vest that you can wear under your motorcycle clothing. For a few hours it really cools your body well. How does this work?

The vest can be filled with (cold) water. The vest dries up on the outside, but the cold water is stored on the inside of the vest. This water evaporates because your body temperature is higher. In the mean time you stay cool for a couple of hours.

Camel bag

The camel bag got its name from the only animal that can store water: the camel. Now you can too, with a camel bag. It?s a type of backpack that you can fill with water (or other fluids). You can drink via a clever drinking hose. And even better; the water stays at a cool temperature. The Kriega Hydro 3 is now in stock!

Flip up helmet or motocross helmet

A motorcycle helmet is one of the biggest problems during a hot day on your motorcycle. Even if the ventilation system is wide open, there is not much enough cool air in your face. Certain helmets offer better ventilation. You could take a look at a flip up helmet. Flip up (or ?modular?) helmets are very versatile due to the fact that the chin bar can be raised, turning the helmet into a sort of open face helmet. You could also look at a motocross helmet. This type of helmet is especially designed for intensive cross sessions. Sufficient ventilation is very important in these circumstances. The extended chin bar also ensures enough cool air ends up in the helmet.

Hit the gas

In the end the above methods only actually have an effect when you?re riding. As soon as you?re stood still, all hell freezes over as there is no cool riding wind whatsoever. Your bike will also get hot quicker in the warm weather, meaning there will be more heat coming from under you. It?s better for you to keep riding. Hit the gas and here I go!

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