Caberg Open Face Helmets

Buying a Caberg open face helmet? offers you at least 10% discount (on the RRP) on your Caberg open face helmet. To determine the right size of helmet for you, please refer to our size chart. Order cheap Caberg helmets on sale online at in all kinds of styles, sizes and colors. Not satisfied? Return your helmet within 100 days and get your money back.

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Caberg open face helmets for your safety and comfort

Caberg was founded in Italy in 1974. Caberg helmets are subjected to intensive testing in a laboratory to ensure the quality of the Caberg helmet. All Caberg helmets are approved according to the European ECE 22.05 safety standard. The Caberg helmets have a sleek, stylish Italian design. Caberg has been the first Italian company on the market to introduce a flip up helmet ('system' or 'modular' helmet), and the second worldwide - mainly believing in the great potential growth of the touring market. Over the years, Caberg's strong point has been focusing on smart helmets by combining looks with functionality. These helmets will offer the highest possible safety and comfort to the motorcyclist.

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