Richa Tundra Jacket Black 100

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Product description

The Richa Tundra is the perfect motorcycle jacket for any demanding motorcyclist! Whether you’re touring, commuting, or just looking to be stylish, this jacket has everything you need. Thanks to its textile construction, stretch at arms and safety stitching features, you will have security and confidence on the road. To make sure that nothing gets past your guard, the back protector (sold separately) and CE Level 1 Integrated Shoulder and Elbow Protection provide additional protection. Plus, these features are coupled with a waterproof Aquashell LTZ membrane for tough weather conditions. If it does get too hot out there, no worries - the Removable Thermal Lining and Ventilation Panels come in handy when regulating temperature while riding. What's more? This jacket has a Napoleon pocket as well as two front pockets and two inner pockets - enough storage for whatever necessary items you want to bring with you! And finally, due to its adjustable sides at the waist, arms, wrist and neck - this one-size-fits-all jacket gives full control of personalizing fit on any rider type. So it's clear - if stylish design isn't enough quality assurance for you anymore - the Richa Tundra offers impeccable versatility that leaves no room for disappointment! Chase adventure and don’t let boundaries hold you back!

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More Information
Brand Richa
Model Tundra
Color Jacket Black 100
Category Motorcycle Jackets


Rider Type:

  • Demanding motorcyclist
  • Touring
  • All season


  • Textile
  • Stretch at the arms


  • Safety Stitching
  • Backprotector Sold seperatly
  • Shoulder protector CE Level 1 integrated
  • Elbow protector CE Level 1 integrated


  • Waterproof Aquashell LTZ membrane


  • Removable thermal liner
  • Ventilation panels


  • 2 Front pockets
  • 2 Inner pockets
  • Napoleon pocket


  • Adjustable at the waist
  • Adjustable at the armen
  • Adjustable at the wrist
  • Adjustable at the neck

Extra Features:

  • Attach trousers to jacket with connecting zippers


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