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We’ve waited for such a long time to hold this helmet is our hands, and we’re so happy it’s finally here! This is an all-new tour modular helmet with modern features and specifications: this is the Schuberth C5! The long-awaited successor to the tried and tested C3 helmet. Well, at least – if we just ignore the controversial C4.

Schuberth C5 modular helmet

Schuberth C5 Specifications

Schuberth brought out the original C4 helmet around 4 years ago. It was a promising update to the C3 that sadly did not deliver the performance that we’d hoped. Maybe you will remember the Pinlock incident. Schuberth swapped the Pinlock anti-fog lenses for their own, cheaper creation, and it didn’t really work. There was also an issue with the chin ventilation button, which would fall off quite easily. These issues were all fixed with the release of the new and improved C4 Pro, but it still wasn’t blowing us away. It is now time for a completely new flip up helmet, and we’re so excited to present to you; the new Schuberth C5. A helmet designed from the ground up with many promising specifications and functions.

New ECE 22.06 certification

The following is something you’re going hear us say quite a lot in future, but the ECE 22.06 certification is really one of the most important innovations in the land of helmets. Motorcycle helmets are tested according to stricter rules which raises the bar for helmet manufacturers. For example, they have added a rotational force test, and tests with accessories such as a sun visor or integrated communication system. Great news for all of us bikers, because this makes our helmets safer! You’ve probably already guessed it, but the Schuberth C5 is one the first new high-end helmets to feature this new safety certification.

Something that goes hand in hand with the new certification is the P/J homologation. You will be able to lock the chin bar into place in the open position, allowing you ride on public roads with this configuration. The C5 is actually the very first Schuberth helmet with this option, although competitors such as the Shoei Neotec II and the Nolan N100-5 have already had this function for some years now.

The outer shell of the helmet is made according to the Direct Fibre Processing method, which is nothing new. But it is new that the fibreglass outer shell has now been reinforced with 1 one layer of carbon fibre. Now this is good for the strength of the outer shell, but it also helps keep the weight down a little bit. The helmet weighs around 1640 grams in the smallest shell size – which is fine for this type of lid.

Schuberth C5 weight

Schuberth C5 weight

The outer shell comes in only two sizes, which we don’t really understand at this price point. For the next model we would really like to see at least three shell sizes, as is the case with the Shoei Neotec II. The more shell sizes a helmet has, the smaller and lighter the helmet will be in smaller sizes.

That’s actually also better for the fit of the helmet. Although, we have to admit that this helmet does actually have a very good fit – much truer to the C3, and more comfortable than the C4. The material feels soft and premium, so you shouldn’t worry too much about comfort when choosing this helmet. There is also an interesting new system coming out alongside this helmet; Schuberth Individual.

Custom fitting the Schuberth C5 with Schuberth Individual

The Schuberth Individual system appears to be a sort of DIY custom fit system inspired by the extensive Shoei Personal Fitting System. What we know is that it will be possible to adjust the fit and shape of the helmet to your preference and head shape with additional pads. The cost of the pads or sets is currently unknown at the time of recording, we’ll have to owe you that information.

Schuberth Individual

Is the Schuberth C5 a quiet modular helmet?

We do know that the position of the chin strap has been improved and that there is a completely new neckroll at the bottom of the lid. Schuberth was once known for having the quietest modular helmets on the market, until the Shoei Neotec II came along and stole the limelight. The question now is how the new C5 is going to do in the way of blocking out wind noise and such. We will be looking into this in the future.

Of course, the German helmet manufacturer has chosen to use a large visor with great viewing angles, which is very comfortable while riding. Their mistake to use a cheaper anti-fog lens has not been made again, this helmet comes with a Max Vision Pinlock 120 lens to prevent you from having a foggy visor.

Schuberth C5 Pinlock anti-fog lens

Schuberth C5 memory function visor

What’s cool about the visor is the new Memory Function system. This system remembers the position of the visor and makes it stay in the same open position even after you’ve raised and lowered the chin bar. It’s no big deal to adjust your visor manually, but the less faffing about you have to do with your lid means the more time your hands are on your handlebars.

The ventilation on this helmet is much more extensive than on the C4, and we also think all of the panels and sliders feel sturdier – which is a very welcome improvement. There is now also a double air inlet on the chin which directs air upwards along the visor, but also offers direct to mouth ventilation. The filter that filters the air is replaceable and washable.

Schuberth SC2 communication system

A very important feature for tour-riders is the preparation for a communication system, and not just any system – the C5 features the most impressive integrated system that we’ve seen on any helmet so far. As you may be familiar with from the C4 helmet, the C5 comes pre-installed with all kinds of speakers, antennas, wiring – you name it. The installation of the module itself is a walk in the park, a very short walk in the park. But it is a very serious module.

The new Schuberth SC2 is based on the SENA 50S system, which means this helmet has the MESH 2.0 system. That is really cool, because it means you can have group mesh intercom conversations with up to 24 riders – and in open mesh intercom mode the number of riders is even unlimited!

Schuberth SC2 Bluetooth communicatieysteem

Schuberth C5 with MESH intercom by SENA

Talk time will be about 8 hours when using the MESH system and 12 hours for regular Bluetooth intercom. The control panel is now much easier to use and it’s in a much more practical place on the helmet. The SC2 system also features voice control support for Siri and Google Assistant. It won’t even take you a minute to install this state-of-the-art communication module, everything has been prepared and thought out.

Schuberth C5 with built-in communication system

Schuberth C5 colours and pricing

It’s very obvious that Schuberth have put their selves back on the map with this completely up-to-date new helmet and communication system. We at FortaMoto are impressed with what they have come up with, and we’re excited to try out the helmet for ourselves. They’re definitely making up for lost time, which is necessary and a bit overdue.

The helmet costs a little more than the C4 Pro. For a solid colour you’re looking at €629 and for a design you’ll be looking at €729. The SC2 communication system costs €349. It’s not exactly cheap, but you will be getting a legendary tour-helmet with a lot of comfort in return. You can order the new Schuberth C5 motorcycle helmet here.

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