Shoei motorcycle helmet collection 2018

The complete SHOEI 2018 motorcycle helmet collection. We made a live report at the EICMA motorcycle convention in Milan, where all new helmets are presented. SHOEI has an already legendary new flip up helmet for us: the NEOTEC 2. A very advanced flip up helmet which has been renewed from bottom to top. We also take you through the rest of the SHOEI helmets 2018 collection.

SHOEI 2018 motorcycle helmet collection video


Shoei Neotec II

The big news from Shoei this year is the new Neotec 2 flip up helmet. The helmet has been completely redesigned and it is very advanced indeed. The outer shell is completely new, just like the extensive ventilation, improved aerodynamics, improved interior, low noise level and it is completely prepared for a new communication system by SENA.

Shoei RYD

The Shoei Ryd is the full face helmet for sporty tour riders who are looking for a compact, safe and comfortable full face helmet. A cool helmet available in 7 solid colours.

Shoei NXR

The Shoei NXR is the compact full face helmet which is aimed at the more sporty motorcyclists. A more sporty and more aggressive design, with a very compact outer shell. Available in a few new colours this year, including the Power-Up from Marc Marquez.

Shoei GT-AIR

The Shoei GT-Air is a helmet for everyone that prefers to ride with an integrated sun visor. That?s why this full face helmet has a slightly larger outer shell, this does however increase comfort.

Shoei X-Spirit III

The most hardcore racing helmet Shoei has made so far, is the X-Spirit 3. Made for on the racing track, which can be concluded from the 7 ventilation channels and the adjustable spoilers. MotoGP riders like Marquez and Smith also ride with this helmet.

Shoei Hornet Adventure

A helmet that has been especially designed for adventure and off road riders; the Shoei Hornet ADV. An extremely large visor offers perfect vision, the helmet features a removable peak and excellent ventilation. Combine that with the quality you expect from Shoei.

Shoei J-Cruise

Shoei?s tour orientated open face helmet is the J-Cruise. Equipped with a long visor, integrated sun visor, Pinlock anti-fog lens and a very comfortable fit.

Shoei J.O.

The classic open face helmet for custom bikes or caf? racers. The Shoei J.O. has a compact outer shell, a small integrated visor and the ducktail at the rear provides extra stability.

Shoei motorcycle helmets

This pretty much sums up the Shoei 2018 helmet collection. Thanks for watching! Did you find this video informative and fun? Then don’t forget to click on the thumbs up button and the subscribe button!

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