Bandit helmets

Bandit is a German brand that was founded by a bunch of lunatics with a great love for motorcycling and in particular: street fighters. We dare to say Bandit helmets are the most eccentric motorcycle helmets in our product range. All Bandit helmets are made with great care and are hand-produced with fiberglass or carbon fibre. This makes the helmet very light in weight. These features combined with very striking designs make these helmets a must-have for every enthusiast.

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Safety and quality of a Bandit helmet

Bandit is housed in a small factory in the woods near Berlin, and although not every Bandit helmet has an ECE 22.05 certification, this small factory devotes a lot of attention to the safety and quality of their helmets. Bandit has a test facility where the safety of the models is tested. Each Bandit helmet is produced from fibreglass or carbon fibre. This makes them more expensive than polycarbonate helmets, but also much stronger, lighter and more durable.

Order Bandit helmet online

At you can easily order your Bandit helmet online. You can use our handy size chart to determine your helmet size, after which you can easily order your helmet in the right size for your head. If your helmet unexpectedly does not fit, you can of course exchange your helmet for a different size. That’s no issue at

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