BELL Pro Star Full Face Helmets

The Bell Pro Star is the ultimate king in the food chain of motorcycle helmets. Thanks to the TeXtreme Carbon outer shell, Bell have used the lightest type of carbon in existence. This ultra-thin carbon is 20% lighted than regular carbon, and it is mostly used in modern Formula 1 vehicles.

The outer shell of a helmet only absorbs one part of the impact, the other part is absorbed by the inner shell. The Bell Pro Star is equipped with the Flex Impact Liner.

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This inner shell has a three-layer density, which is good for absorbing impacts at different speeds. A fall at low speed would attack the first layer, a fall at middle to high speed would attack the first and second layer – and in the event of a high speed fall on the racetrack the impact would attack all three layers of the Flex Impact Liner.

The super wide Panovision visor gives you unlimited sight, you’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing a helmet. The helmet’s interior is fixated with magnets, which isn’t only handy for you – but also for the paramedics. It makes it much easier for them to remove your helmet, but let’s hope they never have to.

When buying the Bell Pro Star, you’re basically buying a racing helmet of the very best quality, safety, performance and comfort.

BELL Pro Star Specifications:

  • Flex Impact Liner
  • Wind tunnel tested
  • Panovision Raceview Viewport
  • TeXtreme Carbon outer shell
  • Vircus Cool Jade Mesh Liner interior
  • Interior is fixated with magnets
  • Inner shell: 6 different densities (EPS)
  • Outer shell: 5 different outer shell sizes
  • Flex Impact Liner with three different densities
  • Snell certified (M2015)
  • ECE approved (22.05)
  • Weight: 1500 grams
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