BELL Star (DLX) Mips

The Bell Star DLX MIPS-EQUIPPED is an aggressive-looking racing helmet with an outer shell made from aramid, carbon and fibreglass. The special thing about the Bell Star DLX MIPS-EQUIPPED is that this helmet has six(!) outer shell sizes, thanks to this you will always the smallest (and best fitting) helmet possible on your head.

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Bell Star Mips review

About the Bell Star (DLX) Mips

MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and it ensures you with better protection for your brains during an impact. When your head hits the asphalt in the event of a fall, the increased rotation speed can put brain tissue under extremely high pressure.

The stretching of the brain tissue, which can be caused by these abrupt movements, can result in different types of brain injuries. MIPS-technology provides your head with a little bit of play during an impact, this ensures extra protection for your brains.

The X-Static interior is one of the best anti-bacterial linings available, and it offers the helmet protection against bacteria and bad odours for its entire lifetime. Apart from this, it is also very easy to remove the interior – thanks to the handy buttons. Last but not least, the wide Panovision visor ensures that you can enjoy an optimal field of view at all times.

BELL Star DLX Mips Specifications:

  • Tri-Matrix composite outer shell
  • MIPS energy management system
  • Six outer shell sizes, six inner shell sizes
  • X-Static and XT-2 lining
  • Panovision visor
  • Prepared for wearers of glasses
  • Prepared for a communication system
  • Snell certified (M2015)
  • ECE approved (22.05)
  • Weight: 1500 grams
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