Daytona Motorcycle Boots

Daytona is a popular name is the world of motorcycle boots. Often referred to as ‘the ultimate motorcycle boots’. These boots are almost fully hand crafted in Eggenfelden in the south of Germany – and it shows! The fit and comfort are both legendary and you really need to experience it to actually be able to believe it. Daytona boots are not only worn on the public road, they are also very popular in circuit racing. The protection is of exceptional standards and for that reason these boots should be spelled with a capital ‘B’.

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About Daytona Motorcycle Boots

Daytona pretty keeps everything close to home, unlike other brands. Manufacturing a Daytona motorcycle boot almost fully happens at Daytona’s own factory. Nearly 100 employees create about 60.000 motorcycle boots every year. Daytona always goes for the very best quality, only the very best materials end up in a Daytona boot and they are processed in Germany with modern technologies. In a nutshell:

  • Feautures of Daytona boots:
  • Consist of only the best material
  • Handcrafted
  • Very well developed in the area of protection
  • Exceptionally comfortable during riding and walking
  • Maintenance friendly

Daytona’s service is also very special. When your boots start to wear out, just send them to us. We’ll contact Daytona and they will try to repair the boots with help from, once again, the very best materials.

Daytona boots drop jaws

Not only is Daytona’s service extremely good, so is the fit and the protection! Daytona works together with pro racers to constantly improve their boots, and it shows. This doesn’t only count for the racing line by Daytona, but also for the touring line. Daytona hasn’t won best motorcycle boot brand, for 10 years in a row, for nothing! That's why has adopted Daytona, among other brands, into her collection. Of course we’re proud of that. You can order your Daytona’s with peace of mind from us.

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