Forma Motorcycle Boots

Forma motorcycle boots are worn by both racing beginners and world champions. If you are thinking of purchasing a motorcycle boots by Forma, you know you’ve made the right choice. is a Forma dealer, as we stand behind this qualitative product. The quality is extremely good and it will disappoint no one. The safety of the boots and shoes is Forma’s top priority, so if this is important to you then Forma is the brand for you.

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About Forma motorcycle boots

Forma is an internationally operating company, located in Altivelo, Italy, and was founded in 1999 by Ivano Binotto and his wife Simonetta, after they had already built up 25 years of experience at the world’s largest manufacturer of off-road motorcycle boots. 25 years later, Forma motorcycle boots are sold worldwide in over 60 countries.

Forma is seen as the most innovative company in the area of motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes. The choice to specialise in only motorcycle footwear, has proven to be a good one. Forma fabricates all of their products in their own factory in Romania, and for that reason they wear the stamp ‘100% made in Europe’. Maximum attention is given to the safety of the motorcycle boots. All boots are tested in the Italian test and research centre Ricotest.

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