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Furygan have been making a name for their selves since 1969 to provide all motorcyclists with Furygan clothing. Sport roadster riders, custom bike riders, motor-scooter riders: Furygan knows the want and need of every type of rider. Furygan makes clothing that makes bikers happy. Furygan aims for maximal protection during the unexpected moments, and they do this in their own way. You will of course find Furygan motorcycle clothing in Fortamoto.com’s collection.

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Furygan motorcycle clothing for your safety and comfort

Employees of Furygan probably talk more about motorcycles than you and your friends do. What the best bike should be like, what makes a great motorcycle jacket and how you can best approach a bend. Everybody that works at Furygan lives and breathes motorcycles. Motorcycle clothing fits right into that picture too. Where they should or shouldn’t use Velcro, how a motorcycle jacket would catch less wind and how you can easily get to your wallet; with it still being safe and secure. The first customers of Furygan are the people who work there. One by one they are all fanatic bikers who know exactly what ‘good motorcycle clothing’ means, and this shows in everything.

Furygan works together with the British company D3O Technology, that makes the best protection in the world. Maximal comfort and maximal protection. These two hardly go together, but D3O makes it possible. Safety and comfort are Furygan’s top priority. You, as a motorcyclist, get to enjoy this.

Furygan has put their whole product line through rough tests for months, by doing this they try to tackle any problems that could occur through long term use or during an accident. They do this for every single new product. This all happens in Furygan’s Motion Lab, a very advanced research & development building. These tests are carried out according to the strict requirements from the diverse Europeans certificates, which warrant the riders safety. All motorcycle jackets, motorcycle trousers and motorcycle gloves withstand these tests. And even if you do fall off your bike, Furygan can repair your damaged clothing so that it, once again, meets the European requirements for your safety. These repairs occur in the factory located in Nîmes. The extremely fast and very high quality aftersales that Furygan offers, has been boosting Furygan’s reputation since 1969.

The most important points of attention of Furygan’s motorcycle clothing:

  • Impact
  • Wear resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Finish
  • Cuts
  • Ergonomics

Enormous choice of Furygan motorcycle clothing in our web shop

Fortamoto.com has adopted Furygan, among other brands, into her collection. We are proud of this. You can order your motorcycle jacket, motorcycle trousers or motorcycle gloves with confidence at Fortamoto.com.

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