Macna Clothing

Macna is definitely no newcomer. Macna started 25 years ago with the development of their first motorcycle glove, and it didn’t stop at the first model. Now there is a team of 8 designers working fulltime to provide motorcyclists with an innovative line of diverse products within the motorcycle clothing industry. Innovation, high quality, competitive price and a Dutch product: that is what Macna stands for.

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Macna innovates

Thanks to innovation and pricing, which is often 30 percent stronger than other brands in this industy, Macna has grown from a Dutch market leader to a leading international brand name. They have been developing their selves as an international motorcycle clothing brand since 2004, and the brand is currently sold successfully in more than 60 countries worldwide. Of course we at also sell Macna motorcycle clothing.

Buying Macna motorcycle clothing

Do you need advice to help you choose the correct Macna motorcycle clothing or Macna accessories? Contact us via the contact form or call us on  You are also welcome to try on Macna motorcycle clothing in our showroom in Amsterdam.

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