Rukka Realer Motorcycle Suit

Stretch laminate; the keyword of the new Rukka Realer, and rightly so! All Rukka jackets are produced with state of the art materials. Multiple layers of textile and protecting materials make Rukka gear exceptionally water resistant and protecting, the only downside is that it then becomes relatively stiff. The Rukka Realer combines GORETEX Pro direct laminate with a stretch outer shell: maximum protection with maximum flexibility. We dare to call this revolutionary, because we’ve never seen this in motorcycle gear before.

Rukka Realer Motorcycle Suit
  • Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer stretch laminate
  • Armacor technology (Kevlar & Cordura)

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What makes the Rukka Realer unique?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term ‘direct laminate’: the water resistant and breathing membrane – in this case GORETEX PRO - is glued to the outer layer (laminated). Therefore water cannot get through the jacket and will not wet the inner liner. In other words: when it rains your jacket will get less wet, less heavy and less cold.

When you put on the Rukka Realer jacket you will instantly feel it’s tighter around the body, but still keeps pleasant flexibility thanks to the stretch material. When it comes to safety this jacket will not let you down: Armacor panels on the elbows and shoulders, Kevlar and Cordura keep this jacket together. Multiple protectors offer impact protection and this jacket uniquely features a new Chest Protector.

A separately wearable inner-jacket provides the warmth needed during cold rides. This inner jacket is equipped with connector zippers.

We are an official Rukka Realer Dealer.

Specifications (jacket and trousers):

  • Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer stretch laminate. High quality waterproof and well breathing membrane which is laminated against the outer layer of the jacket. The combination of GoreTex Pro and stretch material is unique.
  • Armacor technology (Kevlar & Cordura). Your body will receive outstanding protection from this two-layer technology. Kevlar consist of a heavy, strong fabric which is exceptionally waterproof and durable. The fabric can be put to a good use in reinforcing the vulnerable areas. Cordura is one of the most respected brands when it comes to products that are durable, versatile and reliable. The Cordura AFT (Air Flow Technology) fabric breathes very well and is extremely strong. No outside water can get through the fabric but your perspiration can go through the fabric. The combination of Kevlar & Cordura creates a result which is well protected, waterproof and highly durable.
  • Rukka D3O EVO CE-Rated Level 1 (EN 1621-1 2012). The D3O particles move freely when the movements of the rider are slow. This makes the material feel like it’s custom made. At impact the D3O particles clench together to absorb and spread the energy of the impact making the shock less intense. The bigger the impact, the more the particles clench together and the better the protection.
  • Outlast textile: a warmth regulating fabric which keeps out heat during warm conditions and gives off warmth during cold conditions.
  • 3M improved visibility. All Rukka motorcycle outfits have a EN 471 element. This ensures you’re always visible. It lasts a very long time. The colour will gradually change through long use but the visibility will remain unaltered.
  • Light, windproof and waterproof.
  • 5 year guarantee.


  • New: D3O air chest protector.
  • Special feature: a removable inner feather jacket. The inner jacket can also be worn separately as a casual jacket.
  • Neoprene elastic GoreTex collar.
  • Waterproof GoreTex cuffs.
  • Jacket has a zipper to connect matching trousers.
  • Ventilation openings.
  • Waterproof pockets.


  • Special feature: removable inner feather trousers. The inner trousers can also be worn separately as casual trousers.
  • These trousers are available in three different length sizes. Check the size table to see which size is best for you.
  • Anti-glide system and AirCushion made from Keprotec on the sitting area. The Rukka Anti-glide system ensure you don’t start to slide when your seat of trousers get wet. The Keprotec AirCushion makes long journeys more comfortable. You will be seated more comfortably and the difference in temperature between the seat and your own body will be much less noticeable.
  • The trousers are equipped with a zipper to attach the matching jacket.
  • Dual tightening waist clasp.
  • Ventilation openings on the hips.
  • Ventilation openings on the thighs.
  • 2 waterproof pockets.
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