SIDI Motorcycle Boots

The goal that drives SIDI motorcycle boots is very clear: They try to create the very best motorcycle boots, while keeping the old values and traditions during the production process. With these facets in mind, SIDI tries to produce the ultimate combination between the above mentioned values and aspects like devotion, innovation and half a century of experience.

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About SIDI Boots

Before SIDI started manufacturing motorcycle boots, they were a company that made shoes for mountain sports. Dino Signori, the founder of SIDI motorcycle boots, started combining his passion for bicycles with his experience of producing innovative sports shoes (for over 50 years) in the 70s. It’s thanks to his passion that SIDI became the market leader in the field of motorcycle boots not too long after.

SIDI excels in the unique balance between tradition & innovation, style & comfort and strength & flexibility. That SIDI motorcycle boots have much to thank founder Dino Signori is well expressed, in the way that the company identifies itself with the man. The logo consists of Dino Signori’s initials combined with a vortex symbol, which stands for strength and flexibility – which SIDI motorcycle boots contain.

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