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Macna Axis RTX black description

These Macna Axis gloves are suitable for use in wintertime. The Ergonomic Thumb consist of one piece between the thumb and index finger, with less seams and less wrinkles. All together this results in less pressure points when holding the handlebar. Your knuckles are extra protected by the special impact absorbing 3D Temperfoam Knuckle Protection. The 30 Degree Roller Buckle makes riding your bike easy on your wrist. The angle is ergonomically perfect, it helps the fit of your glove and give your wrist optimal flexibility. This will make it even easier to use the throttle. No more poor visibility through a visor full of raindrops or a wet hand caused by wiping your visor: easily wipe the raindrops away with the rubber wiper on your thumb or forefinger. The index finger is fitted with TouchTip. You won't have to remove your gloves to be able to use your gadgets with a touchscreen. We recommend to keep it to a minimum as the world around you is much more fun. Side Eye makes you super visible to other road: some parts of the gloves lights brightly in the dark. The gloves come with a Macna Storage Box for storing your gloves. Of course the Axis can make you can think of mathematics, but isn't it much more fun to think of riding your bike?

Axis RTX properties

  • Suitable for use in wintertime.

  • The fabric consists of goat leather and Soft flex.

  • De inner lining is made of Raintex membrane with sensi grip and bemberg.

  • Once piece of material is used for the connecting piece between the thumb and the index finger to ensure fewer seams and less wrinkles which results in less pressure points on the handles. As an extra bonus: this Ergonomic Thumb looks good too.

  • 3D Temperfoam Knuckle Protection consists of a special temper foam as is used in CE armor like knee and elbow protectors. This foam is known for it's incredible impact absorption values.

  • You can use the Screen Cleaner on your thumb or index finger to remove rain drops from your visor.

  • The TouchTip on your index fingers enables you to use your smart phone and navigation system without removing your gloves. It should work on your knob enabled device too.

  • The buckle of the wrist strap is ergonomically positioned under a 30 Degree Angle. This aids in the flexibility of the wrist and a better fit.

  • Side Eye reflection. These added reflection parts make you more visible to other road users at night and during bad weather conditions.

  • Comes with a Macna Storage Box for storing your gloves or your supply of teabags.

Macna Axis RTX specs

More Information
ModelAxis RTX
Waterproof linerDirect laminate
SexeMen, Unisex

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