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The ROOF R0200 Carbon is an extremely lightweight full face helmet, specially designed for the sportiest riders. The outer shell is made completely from carbon fibre, thanks to this the helmet weighs only 1090 grams. In the land of helmets this can be labelled special.

ROOF makes this helmet in two shell sizes and they have crafted a high-tech EPS inner shell with 5 different densities. This is something we normally only see in racing helmets, it’s what we call ‘hardcore’ protection for your head.

The large visor ensures a large and wide field of view, offering you 210° horizontally and 100° vertically. The best type of Pinlock (120) currently in existence also comes in the box of this helmet, preventing the fogging up of your visor offering you clear vision throughout the day.

To really hammer in the sportiness of the ROOF R0200 they have equipped the helmet with EXITISY cheek pads: an Emergency Cheek pad Removing System. This allows paramedics and the likes to quickly and easily remove your helmet in case of an accident, this way they minimise the chance of further damaging your head. The helmet has been equipped with a double-D chin strap and there’s also a dark smoke visor in the box.

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More Information
Brand ROOF
Model RO200 Carbon
Color Suzuka Red/Metal
Category Full Face Helmets
Pinlock Included
Internal Sun Visor No
Note If a helmet is equipped with a visor, it concerns a clear visor, unless otherwise stated.


  • Carbon fibre outer shell
  • Comes in two shell sizes (XS-M / L-XXL)
  • Ultra-lightweight helmet: weighs around 1090 grams
  • The visor is Pinlock prepared, a Pinlock 120 is included
  • Ventilating, breathing, antibacterial and quick drying interior
  • Extremely large field of view: 210° horizontally and 100° vertically
  • Venturi ventilation: 6 air intakes and 2 outlets
  • Visor can easily be switched thanks to included tool (keyring)
  • Well secured locking mechanism on the visor situated between a double carbon shell
  • EXITISY: Emergency cheek pad removing system
  • Aerodynamically optimised for high speeds
  • Prepared for wearers of glasses
  • Double-D chin strap
  • Prepared for a communication system
  • Comes with a chin curtain and breath deflector
  • Free dark smoke visor in the box (solar visor)
  • Comes with a ROOF rucksack.


Other colors
  1. ROOF RO200 Carbon Glossy
    ROOF RO200 Carbon Glossy
    Regular Price €577.69 As low as €404.38
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