Measuring and determining your helmet and motorcycle clothing size

On this page we explain how to measure your head and body sizes for helmets and motorcycle clothing. Every brand has their own size chart, you can find these brand specific size charts on the product pages.

Click on the shown image on the product page to view the brand specific size chart:sizechart button

Determining your helmet size

determining your helmet size

Step 1 – Measuring the width of your head

Measure the width of your head as pictured. Do this by wrapping a tape measure around the head, just above the eyebrows and on the sides above the ears. The aim is to determine the largest possible head width. To be sure of the maximum width, measure the head at multiple heights.

Step 2 – Determining your helmet size

In the table below, all helmet sizes correspond with a specific head width in centimetres. Look up your desired brand and your head size in the table, and find out which helmet size fits your head size. Are you in doubt, or are you in-between two sizes? Then you can always contact our customer service by calling +31 20 7600 807 or by using our contact form.

Never purchase a used helmet, and never borrow someone else’s helmet. The inner lining and protective foam layers take over the shape of your head over time. That’s why it’s important that a newly purchased helmet fits tightly and securely around the head.

A helmet that doesn’t fit properly is eligible for exchange.

Determining your glove size

Here we explain how to measure your hand size in a few steps, to help determine your motorcycle glove size.

Determining your glove size

Step 1 - Measuring your hand width

To determine the right glove size, you can measure the width of your hand. Wrap a tape measure around your hand between the thumb and the index finger on the knuckle, and past the knuckle of your pinkie – as pictured. Make a fist of your hand and read the size off the tape measure..

Step 2 – Determining your glove size

In the table below, all glove sizes correspond with a specific hand width in centimetres. Are you in-between two sizes? Then we recommend buying a bigger size.

Gloves that don’t fit properly are eligible for exchange.

Determining clothing size

Determining clothing size

We advise you to use a tailors measuring tape when measuring your body dimensions. Put it on bare skin for as much as possible and do not pull it too tight. Ask somebody to help you, if possible. You can find the right sizes with your measured sizes in the below tables (note: every clothing brand has a separate size table). Always assume the largest measured size. For example: does your waist need a size M, but your chest needs a size L? Then choose the size L. Are you not entirely sure or can’t you work it out? Then contact our customer service.

Determining motorcycle boots/motorcycle shoes size

Determining motorcycle boots/motorcycle shoes size

We advise you to measure your shoe size as follows. Stand with your bare feet on a sheet of paper. Draw a line past your heel and a line past your longest toe, so that you can see two horizontal lines from above. It’s important that you hold your pen or pencil straight and not at an angle. Then measure the distance between the two lines. It’s important that when you do this, you measure both feet and use the largest foot as your size. In the table below, all boot sizes correspond with a specific foot size in centimetres.

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