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AGV Visor GT2 (K-5/K-3 SV) description

On this page you can purchase an extra (or replacement) visor for your AGV K-3 SV or K-5 helmet. Most helmets come with a clear visor, but there are also visors which are tinted, mirroring or coloured. It’s important to know that most non-clear visors are not approved for use on the public roads everywhere, these are mainly designed for use on a closed circuit.

Visors properties


  • AS: anti-scratch
  • AF: anti-fog
  • PR: Pinlock prepared
  • ISV: internal sun visor
  • Pinlock: separate Pinlock anti-fog lens (this is not a visor, it’s an anti-fog lens)
  • LCD: electronically darkened visor

AGV Visors specs

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