Arai Chaser-X Frost Black

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Product description

Also at Arai, they’re working on successors. Helmets. The Arai Chaser X should take over the reins of the Chaser V, known as a particularly fine all-round tour helmet at the top segment, with all the safety features that Arai stands for. The Chaser-X is the third Arai helmet which is equipped with the new VAS (Variable Axis System - due to improved placement of the shield results in a more secure form of the outer shell) technology. This newcomer is ofcourse fitted with the new VAS V visor that we know from the RX7V.

The Chaser-X has also borrowed some important features of the RX7V top model. Thus, the ventilation system has been adopted, recognizable by the centrally located intake, along with the new chin-ventilation. The inner liner isn’t removable anymore, but has a significantly better fit

The Formula 1-developed visor mechanism RX7V can now be found on this helmet. Standard a Max Vision anti-scratch visor is mounted and a Pinlock is included.

What makes Arai so special

We know Arai as a brand that always goes for uncompromises safety. You can recognize this philosophy in a number of features that you will see at almost any Arai helmet:

  • No sun visor:to place a sun visor you have to sacrifice some of the inner shell. Arai doesn’t find it acceptable to have a weaker place in the inner shell.
  • Tough outer shell: Arai helmets are not always the most lightweight helmets, but no other outer shell is harder than the Arai shell. Multi-Axial glass fibers are combined with resin to form an outer shell which is highly resistant to penetration by sharp objects. This is in contrast to manufacturers who are going for light as possible helmets.
  • soft inner shell,the hard outer shell provides protection from the outside, the soft inner shell acts really as a crumple zone to absorb the blow.
  • R75 scale shape:in addition to the thickness and hardness of the outer shell, they find the form at Arai very important. You will find that every Arai has the same (somewhat boring) round helmet shape. The equal roundness of the entire helmet shell,  reduces the chance that during sliding, your helmets hooks on to some object, in contrary to helmets with more sporty looking sharp lines on the outer shell.
  • DD retention, as opposed to a closed buckle, for example a quick release retention system, you can always see the steel DD rings. You can always see if something is wrong or not. In addition, it’s a small chance one of these steel rings wil break or tear.

We are happy to explain you more about the Arai brand in our showroom, or just on the phone. We are certified Arai dealer.

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More Information
Brand Arai
Model Chaser-X
Color Frost Black
Category Full Face Helmets
Pinlock Included
Internal Sun Visor No
Homologation ECE (EU approved for motorcycle and scooter NOT DOT approved)
Note If a helmet is equipped with a visor, it concerns a clear visor, unless otherwise stated.


  • SFC fiberglass outer shell
  • Penetration resistant outer shell
  • AraiR75 shaped
  • EPC inner shell with variable density
  • Extra wide VAS V visor
  • included Pinlock
  • Improved spoiler for 50% more air exhaust
  • improved ventilation
  • DryCool antibacteriallining
  • LRS quick release visor system
  • "Demist lock 'anti-fog visor position
  • 'Brow' vents
  • DD retention system
  • ECE approved


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