Payment and shipping


We accept payments via many partners over the globe. You can check the list below to find out if your preferred payment method is available for our store.

Payment methods


We ship our products worldwide. If a certain product (size) states ‘same day shipping’, then it means that we have the product in stock in our warehouse. If it says something else, then it means that we have the product in stock in an external warehouse – in this case it will not be directly available in our Amsterdam store.

Shipping options

DHL Express Shipping:

For those who require their orders to be delivered quickly, we offer DHL Express shipping. The shipping cost for DHL Express is determined by the weight and volume of the items in your order and will be calculated during the checkout process. This ensures that you only pay for the exact cost of shipping, depending on the size and weight of your items. Rest assured, we strive to provide competitive rates for our DHL Express service.

Local carrier shipping:

We also offer a more cost-effective option with our Local Shipping service. The cost of local shipping varies based on your location and the delivery method chosen. To help you plan accordingly, here are the standard rates for local shipping:

Shipping costs

The shipping costs are dependent on the product properties, destination country and varying courier prices. You can check out the shipping costs in the shopping cart.

When you select local courier your order will be delivered via your local shipping carrier, to find out exactly which one you can search the table below. In this table you'll also find the transit time for your location. Customs can delay the shipment from 1 to 4 weeks.

Country País Transit Time Track & Trace information Local Carrier
Afghanistan Afganistán 8-15 Yes Afghan Post
Albania Albania 7-9 Yes Posta Shqiptare
Algeria Argelia 7-8 Yes Algérie Poste
American Virgin Islands Islas Vírgenes Americanas 5-12 No Varies
Andorra Andorra 3-4 No Varies
Angola Angola 9-15 No Correios de Angola
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua y Barbuda 5-12 No Varies
Argentina Argentina 6-10 Yes Correo Argentino
Armenia Armenia 10-12 Yes Haypost - Armenian Postal Service
Aruba Aruba 4-8 Yes Varies
Australia Australia 6-8 Yes Australia Post
Austria Austria 2-4 Yes Eurodis
Azerbaijan Azerbaiyán 10-12 Yes Azarpoçt
Bahamas Bahamas 5-12 Yes Bahamas Postal Service
Bahrain Bahrein 8-10 No Bahrain Post
Bangladesh Bangladesh 8-15 No Bangladesh Post Office
Barbados Barbados 5-12 No Barbados Postal Service
Belarus Belarús 10-12 Yes Belpochta
Belgium Bélgica 1-2 Yes PostNL
Belize Belice 5-12 Yes Belize Postal Service
Benin Benín 9-15 Yes La Poste du Bénin
Bermuda islas Bermudas 5-12 Yes Bermuda Post Office
Bhutan Bhután 8-15 Yes Bhutan Post
Bolivia Bolivia 6-10 No ECOBOL - Empresa de Correos de Bolivia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia y Herzegovina 7-9 Yes JP BH Posta d.o.o. Sarajevo
Botswana Botswana 9-15 Yes BotswanaPost
Brazil Brasil 6-9 Yes Correios
British Virginislands British Virginislands 5-12 No Varies
Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam 8-15 No Brunei Postal Services
Bulgaria Bulgaria 4-7 Yes DPD
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 9-15 Yes SONAPOST
Burundi Burundi 9-15 Yes RNP - Régie nationale des postes
Cambodia Camboya 10-12 Yes Varies
Cameroon Camerún 9-15 Yes CAMPOST - Cameroon Postal Services
Canada Canadá 5-6 Yes Canada Post
Cape Verde Cabo Verde 9-15 Yes Correios de Cabo Verde
Cayman Islands Islas Caimán 5-12 No Cayman Islands Postal Service
Central African Rep. Rep. Centroafricana 9-15 No Varies
Chad Chad 9-15 No Varies
Chili Chile 6-10 Yes Correos de Chile
China China 8-15 Yes China Post
Colombia Colombia 6-10 Yes 4-72 La Red Postal de Colombia
Comoros Comoras 9-15 No Societé Nationale des Postes et des Services Financiers
Congo Brazzaville Congo Brazzaville 9-15 No Varies
Congo-Kinshasa Congo-Kinshasa 9-15 No Varies
Costa Rica Costa Rica 5-12 Yes Correos de Costa Rica
Croatia Croacia 7-9 Yes Hrvatska Posta
Cuba Cuba 5-12 Yes Varies
Cyprus Chipre 5-7 Yes Cyprus Post
Czech Republic Republica checa 3-5 No Eurodis
Denmark Dinamarca 2-3 Yes DPD
Djibouti Djibouti 9-15 Yes General Post Office
Dominica Dominica 5-12 Yes Varies
Dominican Republic República Dominicana 5-12 Yes INPOSDOM - Instituto Postal Dominicano
East Timor Timor Oriental 6-9 No Varies
Ecuador Ecuador 6-10 Yes Correos del Ecuador
Egypt Egipto 7-8 Yes Egypt Post
El Salvador El Salvador 5-12 Yes Correos de El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea Guinea Ecuatorial 9-15 No Varies
Eritrea Eritrea 9-15 Yes Eritrean Postal Service
Estonia Estonia 4-6 Yes Omniva Eesti Post
Ethiopia Etiopía 9-15 Yes Ethiopian postal service
Falkland Islands Islas Malvinas 8-10 No Falkland Islands Philatelic Bureau
Faroe Islands Islas Faroe 2-3 No Posta
Fiji Fiyi 10-12 Yes Post Fiji
Finland Finlandia 2-5 Yes Posti / DPD
France Francia 2-3 Yes DPD / Colis Privé
French Guyana Guayana Francesa 6-10 No Varies
French Polynesia Polinesia francés 10-12 Yes Office des Postes et Télécommunications
Gabon Gabón 9-15 Yes La Poste GA
Gambia Gambia 9-15 No Gambia Postal services Corporation
Georgia Georgia 10-12 No Georgian Post
Germany Alemania 2-3 Yes Hermes
Ghana Ghana 9-15 Yes Ghana Post
Gibraltar Gibraltar 4-6 No Royal Gibraltar Post Office
Greece Grecia 5-7 Yes ELTA Hellenic Post
Greenland Tierra Verde 2-3 No Varies
Grenada Granada 5-12 No Grenada Postal Corporation
Guadeloupe Guadalupe 5-12 No Varies
Guatemala Guatemala 5-12 No El Correo
Guernsey Guernsey 6-7 No Guernsey Post Limited
Guinea Guinea 9-15 No Varies
Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau 9-15 No Varies
Guyana Guayana 6-10 Yes Guyana Post Office Corporation
Haiti Haití 5-12 No Office des Postes d'Haiti
Honduras Honduras 5-12 Yes Honducor
Hong-Kong Hong Kong 5-7 Yes Hongkong Post
Hungary Hungría 3-5 Yes Eurodis
Iceland Islandia 4-5 No íslandspóstur hf
India India 6-10 Yes India Post
Indonesia Indonesia 6-9 Yes Pos Indonesia
Iran Corrí 8-10 Yes Islamic Republic of Iran Post Co.
Iraq Irak 8-10 No Iraqi Post
Ireland Irlanda 2-4 Yes Yodel
Israel Israel 4-5 Yes Israel Post
Italy Italia 3-5 Yes Eurodis
Ivory Coast Costa de Marfil 9-15 No La Poste de Côte d'Ivoire
Jamaica Jamaica 5-12 Yes Jamaica Post
Japan Japón 4-5 Yes Japan Post
Jersey Jersey 6-7 No Jersey Post
Jordan Jordán 8-10 Yes Jordan Post
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 10-12 Yes Kazpost
Kenya Kenia 9-15 Yes POSTA KENYA
Kiribati Kiribati 10-12 No Varies
Kuwait Kuwait 8-10 No Varies
Kyrgyzstan Kirguistán 10-12 No Kyrgyz Post / Kyrgyz Express Post
Laos Laos 8-15 Yes Varies
Latvia Letonia 4-6 Yes Latvijas Pasts
Lebanon Líbano 8-10 No LibanPost
Lesotho Lesoto 9-15 No Lesotho Post
Liberia Liberia 9-15 No Varies
Libya Libia 7-8 Yes Libya Post
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 3-4 No Liechtensteinische Post AG
Lithuania Lituania 4-6 Yes Lietuvos Pastas
Luxembourg Luxemburgo 1-2 Yes DPD / Eurodis
Macao Macao 8-15 No Varies
Macedonia macedonia 7-9 Yes Macedonian Post & Telecommunications
Madagascar Madagascar 9-15 Yes PAOSITRA MALAGASY
Malawi Malawi 9-15 Yes Malawi Posts Corporation
Malaysia Malasia 8-15 Yes Pos Malaysia
Maldives Maldivas 8-15 Yes Maldives Post
Mali Mali 9-15 No Office national des postes
Malta Malta 5-7 Yes Malta Post
Martinique Martinica 5-12 No Varies
Mauritania Mauritania 9-15 Yes MAURIPOST - Societé Mauritanienne des Postes
Mauritius Mauricio 9-15 Yes Mauritius Post
Mexico Méjico 5-12 Yes Correos de México
Moldavia Moldavia 10-12 Yes Posta Moldovei
Monaco Mónaco 2-3 No La Poste Monaco
Mongolia Mongolia 8-15 Yes Mongol Post - Монгол шуудан компани
Montenegro Montenegro 7-9 No Posta Crne Gore
Montserrat Montserrat 5-12 No Varies
Morocco Marruecos 7-8 Yes Barid Al-Maghrib - Poste Maroc
Mozambique Mozambique 9-15 Yes Correios de Moçambique
Myanmar Myanmar 8-15 Yes Varies
Namibia Namibia 9-15 No NAM Post
Nauru Nauru 10-12 No Varies
Nepal Nepal 8-15 Yes Nepal Postal Services
Netherlands Antilles Antillas Holandesas 4-8 Yes Nieuwe Post Nederlandse Antillen
New Caledonia Nueva Caledonia 10-12 Yes Office des Postes et Télécommunications
New Zealand Nueva Zelanda 6-8 Yes New Zealand Post
Nicaragua Nicaragua 5-12 Yes Correos de Nicaragua
Niger Níger 9-15 Yes Niger Poste
Nigeria Nigeria 9-15 Yes Nigerian Postal Service
North Korea Corea del Norte 8-15 No Varies
Norway Noruega 3-4 Yes Posten Norge
Oman Omán 8-10 No Oman Post
Pakistan Pakistán 8-15 Yes Pakistan Post
Panama Panamá 5-12 Yes Correos de Panamá
Papua New Guinea Papúa Nueva Guinea 10-12 Yes Post PNG
Paraguay Paraguay 6-10 Yes Correo Paraguayo
Peru Perú 6-10 Yes SERPOST - Servicios Postales del Perú
Philippines Filipinas 8-15 Yes PHLPOST - Philippine Postal Corporation
Pitcairn Islands Islas Pitcairn 10-12 No Varies
Poland Polonia 3-5 Yes DPD
Portugal Portugal 4-6 Yes MRW / ctt
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 5-12 No Varies
Qatar Katar 8-10 Yes Qatar Post
Reunion Reunión 9-15 No Varies
Romania Rumania 4-7 Yes DPD
Russia Rusia 8-10 Yes Russian Post
Rwanda Ruanda 9-15 Yes National Post Office (Iposita)
Saint Kitts and Nevis San Cristóbal y Nieves 10-12 Yes St. Kitts & Nevis Postal Services
Saint Lucia Santa Lucía 5-12 No Saint Lucia Postal Service
Saint Vincent & Gren. San Vicente y Gren. 5-12 Yes SVG Postal Corporation
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Saint-Pierre y Miquelon 4-7 No Varies
Samoa Samoa 10-12 Yes Samoa Post
San Marino San Marino 5-7 No Poste San Marino
Sao Tome and Principe Santo Tomé y Príncipe 9-15 No Correios de Sāo Tomé e Príncipe
Saudi Arabia Arabia Saudita 8-10 Yes Saudi Post
Senegal Senegal 9-15 Yes PosteFinances
Serbia Serbia 7-9 Yes PTT Communications "Srbija"
Seychelles Seychelles 9-15 No Seychelles Postal Service
Sierra Leone Sierra Leona 9-15 Yes Sierra Leone Postal Services
Singapore Singapur 4-5 Yes SingPost
Slovakia Eslovaquia 3-5 Yes Eurodis
Slovenia Eslovenia 4-6 Yes DPD
Somalia Somalia 2-5 No Varies
South Africa Sudáfrica 8-10 Yes South African Post Office
South Korea Corea del Sur 8-15 Yes Korea Post
Spain España 3-5 Yes MRW / Correos
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 8-15 Yes Sri Lanka Post
Sudan Sudán 9-15 No Sudapost
Suriname Suriname 5-8 No SURPOST
Swaziland Swazilandia 9-15 No Swaziland Posts & Telecommunications Corporation
Sweden Suecia 2-4 Yes DPD / postnord
Switzerland Suiza 2-3 Yes Swiss Post
Syria Siria 8-10 Yes Syrian Post
Taiwan Taiwan 6-9 Yes Varies
Tajikistan Tayikistán 10-12 No Varies
Tanzania Tanzania 9-15 Yes Tanzania Posts Corporation
Thailand Tailandia 6-9 Yes Thailand Post
The Netherlands Los países bajos 1 Yes PostNL
Togo Ir 9-15 No La Poste du Togo
Tonga Tonga 10-12 No Tonga Post
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad y Tobago 5-12 No Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation
Tunisia Túnez 7-8 Yes La Poste Tunisienne
Turkey Turquía 8-10 Yes Turkey Post
Turkmenistan Turkmenistán 10-12 No Turkmenpost
Turks and Caicos Islands Islas Turcas y Caicos 5-12 No The Turks and Caicos Islands Philatelic Bureau
Tuvalu Tuvalu 10-12 No Varies
Uganda Uganda 9-15 Yes Posta Uganda
Ukraine Ucrania 10-12 Yes Ukrposhta
United Arab Emirates Emiratos Árabes Unidos 8-10 Yes Emirates Post
United Kingdom Reino Unido 2-4 Yes Yodel
United States Estados Unidos 4-7 Yes United States Postal Services
Uruguay Uruguay 6-10 Yes Correo Uruguayo
Uzbekistan Uzbekistán 10-12 No Post of Uzbekistan
Vanuatu Vanuatu 10-12 Yes Vanuatu Post
Vatican CITY ciudad del Vaticano 5-7 No Vatican Post
Venezuela Venezuela 6-10 Yes IPOSTEL - Instituto Postal Telegráfico de Venezuela
Vietnam Vietnam 8-15 Yes Tập đoàn Bưu chính Viễn thông Việt Nam - Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group
Yemen Yemen 8-10 Yes Yemen Post
Zambia Zambia 9-15 Yes Zambia Postal Services Corporation - ZAMPOST
Zimbabwe Zimbabue 9-15 Yes Zimpost- Zimbabwe Posts
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