AGV K-5 Jet

If you want to ride in the city or enjoy relaxing tour rides: the AGV K-5 Jet allows you to do all of this. It doesn’t matter which type of motorcycle or scooter you ride, everybody will be eyeballing you as you ride past them. This open face helmet is available in multiple designs and colours, there will definitely be one that will take your fancy. This helmet is for everyone that loves the urban feeling, but want to have a safe ride.

About the AGV K-5 Jet

The AGV’s K-5 Jet outer shell comes in two sizes and consists of fibreglass and carbon-fibres. Together these fibres take good solid care of your head. The compact outer shell is pleasing to the eye and comfortable during riding. Thanks to the extreme AGV standards, you know you’re well protected.

The inner lining of the K-5 Jet open face helmet by AGV is equipped with Dry-Comfort parts, which are removable and fully washable. This open face helmet has been provided with a Microlock chin strap buckle.

The AGV K-5 Jet is equipped with an extra-long visor which protects your face more than a regular (shorter) visor against the wind and rain. This visor has also been provided with a new magnetic VMS locking system and it’s prepared for a Pinlock anti-fog lens. The integrated sun visor ensures you will always have sufficient sight. This scratch resistant sun visor is easy to remove without the use of any tools. The same counts for the main visor too, thanks to the Extra Quick Release System (XQRS).

The ventilation system consists of two air intakes at the front and an air outlet which can be opened and closed. This has been tested in a wind tunnel to optimise the ventilation in the helmet.

AGV K-5 Jet Specifications:

  • Fibreglass and carbon-fibre outer shell
  • 2 size outer shell
  • Scratch resistant visor
  • Long visor
  • Visor with magnetic locking system
  • Visor and sun visor tested in a wind tunnel
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Microlock chin strap buckle
  • ECE 22.05 approved for motorcycle and scooter
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