Nolan N100-5 Upwind Matt Yellow N-Com 059

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Product description

Introducing Nolan’s newest model: the N100-5. This is the flagship of Nolan’s new collection and also the successor of the N104. We’ll walk you through the specifications of this completely redesigned flip up helmet.

The Nolan 100-5 is the seventh generation of their flip up helmet and it is also the successor of the popular N104. The outer shell is made from Lexan, this is a special type of polycarbonate which is stronger than normal polycarbonate helmets. The visor of the N100-5 is now even bigger and wider, this offers you a field of view which is similar to that of an open face helmet.

The ingenious hinge system of the chin bar pivots at two point, resulting in a very compact shape when the chin bar is pointed upwards. This greatly improves the streamlining, and thus the comfort while riding.

The helmet also has an improved fix and an adjustable Neckroll, so that it has a tighter fit.

The Nolan N100-5 has a dual homologation (P/J certification). This means that the helmets is approved as an open face helmet and as a full face helmet. So you can safely ride with the chin bar up. The chin bar is equipped with the safer ‘Dual Action’ opening mechanism. To open the chin bar you need your thumb and your index finger. You are still able to open the chin bar with one hand, but thanks to this extra security the chin bar will not accidentally open during a fall.

Product info

More Information
Brand Nolan
Model N100-5
Color Upwind Matt Yellow N-Com 059
Category Flip Up Helmets
Pinlock Included
Internal Sun Visor Yes
Homologation ECE (EU approved for motorcycle and scooter NOT DOT approved)
Note If a helmet is equipped with a visor, it concerns a clear visor, unless otherwise stated.


N100-5 visor

  • Larger visor which offers a wide field of view
  • Sun visor is adjustable in 4 settings, UV400 sun protection, activation system allows you to quickly raise the sun visor at the push of a button
  • Includes Pinlock anti-fog lens, adjusters are on the outside of the visor allowing to loosen or tighten the lens insert

Nolan N100-5 interior

Interior is removable, washable and adjustable

  • The neckroll is adjustable with an elastic band. This allows you to fit it snugly around your neck. This will make the helmet more noise resistant and will provide you with a reduced amount of turbulence
  • Renewed ventilation with Airbooster. Ventilation intake on chin and forehead. The outtake of the ventilation is located in the area where a vacuum is created at the rear of the helmet whilst riding. This allows the air to be sucked out at the back of the helmet, regulating the fresh air flow inside the helmet
  • Clima comfort interior, perforated lining on the top, type of mesh which allows the air to offer better cooling for the head
  • Renewed cheek pads for a better fit. Removable and washable, they also offer space for a communication system

Nolan N100-5 chin bar and safety

  • Outer shell is made from polycarbonate (Lexan)
  • The chin bar has a dual hinge system, when the chin bar is up – the shape is more compact. This reduces the amount of weight when the chin bar is up
  • Dual opening system, this prevents accidental opening of the chin bar
  • Quick chin strap buckle mechanism is equipped with microlock. You need to fully open the clasp to release the buckle
  • Prepared for communication, the helmet has been ECE approved even with the communication system built in. With ECE certification and Emergency stop signal
  • P/J setting with lock
  • Approved as full face helmet and as open face helmet


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