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Nolan’s helmets distinguish themselves by their decent quality, safety and of course the wearing comfort. Nolan is well known for their flip up helmets, these are very popular among touring riders. Through the years Nolan has always found a way to differentiate their products by using innovation and new designs. We see Nolan as one of the premium A-brands in our collection.

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Development and philosophy behind a Nolan helmet

There are only a few countries in the world where riding motorcycles and scooters is carved into the culture like in Italy. It’s no wonder that many premium helmets originate from Italy. Just like Nolan. Nolan was founded in 1972 in the town of Bergamo. Nolan is part of the Nolan Group, just like X-Lite and Grex.

Nolan is a merger of the name of Lander Nocchi, who decided to start producing motorcycle helmets in 1972: these helmets were cheaper and lighter than anything on the market. He found an American supplier of an innovative plastic: Lexan – which was light and versatile. With this he started the production of polycarbonate motorcycle helmets. Since then innovation has been an important part of the helmet brand and Nolan have continued to make the helmets even safer, more comfortable and quieter. An example is the Dual Action opening system of the chin bar. You can only open the chin bar by using your index finger and your thumb, to squeeze two handles together – instead of the traditional 1 button type. This system ensures the chin bar cannot accidently open.

To this day all Nolan helmets are still made from Lexan, which is still a very high quality product. There is one exception: the X-802, with its technique borrowed from X-Lite, which is made from composite fibre (fibreglass) material. Since 2005 Nolan has made its own Bluetooth communication systems under the name ‘N-Com’. Many Nolan helmets are prepared for one or more ‘N-Com’ communication system. You can recognise these models by the ‘N-Com’ within the model name.

Buying a Nolan helmet is an authorized dealer of Nolan. We offer you the level of service you would expect from a brand dealer and you can use our online shop to order your Nolan helmet with confidence. If you need help ordering online at, you can always use our contact form to get in touch. If the helmet does not fit after receiving it or you don't like it, you are not obliged to keep the helmet and you are able to return it.

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