Shoei GT-AIR 2 Aperture TC-6

Product description

Shoei have done it again.. They have created a rock solid full face helmet that excels as both a sports helmet and a touring helmet. There’s only one model it can be: the Shoei GT-Air II. This helmet will serve as the successor to the original Shoei GT-Air motorcycle helmet. Shoei have already proven they are very good at improving existing models, we’ve already seen that happen with a few other predecessors made by the Japanese brand.

Stability of the Shoei GT-AIR 2

Aerodynamics are very important to a helmet of this type, that’s why Shoei have put a lot of time into developing a stabile motorcycle helmet. Countless wind tunnel tests have been performed on this helmet to make sure it performs as optimally as possible in the riding wind. We’re also seeing quite a few things which we now already know from other Shoei helmets. The ‘ducktail’ diffuser at the rear of the GT-Air 2 is something that was originally featured on the NXR and the J.O. – it was later added to the Shoei Neotec 2. This ‘diffuser’ provides the helmet with stability in the vacuum area at the rear of the helmet. The GT-Air II is also sporting a larger spoiler than its predecessor. The spoiler’s goal is to keep the helmet straight and comfortable, even at higher speeds in a more sporty riding posture.

Shoei GT-AIR 2 Sunvisor

A sun visor is naturally included and it has received some special attention during the development of the helmet. A section of the inner shell is often sacrificed (less safe!), so that the sun visor can slide into that ‘housing’. Shoei have left the inner shell intact and have created a special fibre expansion in the shell which houses the sun visor. The sun visor itself has the characteristics of a good pair of sunglasses, another unique Shoei trademark. The GT-Air II sun visor is 5mm longer than on its predecessor.

Fit of the Shoei GT-AIR 2

The 3D shaped inner lining ensures a comfortable ‘wrap around the head’ fit, which can even been custom fitted by us with Shoei Personal Fitting. Multiple air intakes on the top and front in combination with an exhaust outtake ensure a pleasant climate in the helmet, without making a noise. Speaking of noise, the Shoei GT-Air II might just be the quietest helmet on the market right now.

Shoei GT-AIR 2 outer shell

The outer shell of the Shoei GT-Air is made up from diverse, specially designed fibre-layers which all have their own function, they call it Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM). Take a look at the product specifications for all the important details of this tour/sport helmet.

Shoei GT-AIR 2 SRL-2 Communicatiesysteem

The Sena SRL system which we now know from the Shoei Neotec II has received a slight makeover for the GT-Air II. They have created the Sena SRL-2, specially designed to fit exactly in the GT-Air 2. The system is the same as the SRL-1 under the bonnet, only the hardware has been altered so that the system fits perfectly into the helmet’s design – meaning it doesn’t disturb the flow or the aerodynamics.

We are an official Shoei and Shoei Personal Fitting dealer.

Product info

More Information
Brand Shoei
Model GT-AIR 2
Color Aperture TC-6
Category Full Face Helmets
Pinlock Included
Internal Sun Visor Yes
Homologation ECE (EU approved for motorcycle and scooter NOT DOT approved)
Note If a helmet is equipped with a visor, it concerns a clear visor, unless otherwise stated.


Outer shell

  • AIM multi composite fibre outer shell (fibreglass, aramid, carbon)
  • 3 size outer shell (XS-M, L, XL-XXL)
  • Integrated spoiler
  • Noise reducing Vortex Generator


  • EPS multi density inner shell
  • Stainless steel micro ratchet chin strap buckle
  • ECE approved


  • Multiple ventilation inlets and outlets for maximum airflow and comfort
  • Chin and forehead intakes
  • Two outlets on the rear to let out warm air


  • 3D shaped inner lining
  • Removable and washable inner lining
  • Noise reducing earpads
  • Specifically prepared for Sena SRL-2 communication system


  • Thermoplastic aerodynamic ‘curved edge’ CNS-1 visor
  • Minimal riding wind impact
  • Minimal distortion
  • Pinlock anti-fog lens included
  • Integrated sun visor with expanded housing
  • QSV-2 sun visor with high quality sunglasses characteristics


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