Shoei J.O Mattbrown

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Shoei J.O Mattbrown description

The Shoei J-O (jay-o, or if you like: JO) is the newest open face helmet by the premium Japanese brand. We find the term ‘open face helmet’ being somewhat of an understatement towards this helmet, it is so much more than that. More importantly, put the helmet on. You will instantly feel you’re wearing a real helmet, it’s almost like a full face helmet.

The relatively long helmet shell ensures that the J-O encloses your head well. The ‘ducktail’ at the back of the helmet is a striking detail. This does good things not only for the looks, but like most Shoei helmets it has a primary function with regards to this helmet’s aerodynamics.

For the rider’s further comfort (= preventive safety) Shoei has a few nifty bits and pieces in this helmet, unique to an open face helmet. The poured visor has been aerodynamically shaped. This allows the riding wind to be directed around the helmet, preventing the wind from hitting the eyes from under the visor. The visor’s position is also adjustable, without warping.

A final special feature: the edges of the inner lining have been finished with leather. However, the area around the visor has been finished with Nubuck leather. On of this materials characteristics is that it doesn’t reflect sunlight on to the inside of the visor. Imagine riding down a nice road, with a row of trees on the left with the sun shining through. That edge of Nubuck is going to make a world of difference.

We dare to call the J-O the finest helmet in its segment. If you’re looking for the retro look, but you want to keep all the quality and comfort on your noggin’ – then this is the helmet for you. Take a look at the product specifications for extra detailed information.

J.O properties

  • AIM multi fibre compact outer shell.
  • ‘Ducktail’ for improved aerodynamics.
  • 3 size outer shell for the right proportions.
  • EPS inner shell made up in variable density.
  • Clear CJ-3 thermoplastic shaped visor.
  • Tinted and yellow visors available separately.
  • Goggle clip for goggle strap.
  • Removable and washable cheek pads.
  • Leather and Nubuck leather finish.
  • DD chin strap buckle.
  • Included: J-O logo sticker & helmet bag.
  • ECE approved.

Shoei J.O specs

More Information
Brand Shoei
Model J.O
Color Mattbrown
Category Open Face Helmets
Pinlock No pinlock
Internal Sun Visor No
Homologation ECE (EU approved for motorcycle and scooter NOT DOT approved)
Note If a helmet is equipped with a visor, it concerns a clear visor, unless otherwise stated.

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    Shoei J.O Black
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    Shoei J.O Mattblack
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